Get Ready to Decode Math Lessons with Mathletics

Get Ready to Decode Math Lessons with Mathletics

Get Ready to Decode Math Lessons with Mathletics

When one talks about the subject Math, students often associate it with negative connotations such as being ‘boring’ or ‘difficult’. However, to change this preconceived notion, Mathletics is on a mission to make math learning an ‘engaging’ and ‘rewarding’ experience for school students. Have a read through the Blog to learn more about ways to decode important Math lessons for your little learners by using Mathletics.

The Importance of Mathematics in Our Lives

There’s a lot of complex information around us that our brains need to constantly process. Math helps children develop analytical skills and encourages them to practice logical thinking. Studies from Stanford University reveal that students who solve math problems daily have higher logical skills than those who don’t make such efforts. Moreover, developing the skills to reason correctly helps children become better problem-solvers. Being able to solve a mathematics problem, can inculcate the habit of solving life-problems more easily. Lastly, the Principals of math are applicable in almost every profession and are not just limited to scientists & mathematicians.

What is Mathletics?

Mathletics is an engaging online Math program designed for classrooms and home learning purpose for students of all grades. Children start with the basics and move to more difficult problems as they advance in school. The activities are curated to challenge the child’s thought-process, problem-solving capabilities, & reasoning skills, all through the course. To motivate these enthusiastic math learners further, a certificate is awarded and points are added to the child’s scoreboard.   

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Integrating Mathletics in School Curriculum

Just as it is brain wrecking for children to grasp the concepts of math, it is equally challenging for teachers to come up with new and interesting ways to drive the ‘theory’ home. This is where Mathletics comes handy. The fact that over 2,00,000 teachers endorse Mathletics to support their math teaching, is a testament to the credibility of this e-learning Math platform.

  • Simplified lesson planning: The teacher is able to deliver the lessons seamlessly without having to spend much time in preparing for it, as the tool has pre-defined teaching aids in sync with the existing school curriculum. Teachers can even benchmark the lesson plans and assign from over 700+ activities to match the learning needs of students.
  • Tracking the learner’s progress: Teachers can easily track their student’s progress in grasping math skills taught in class. They can even get a bird’s eye view of the performance of the entire class and thereafter design learning lessons to match the pace of the students.
  • Personalized learning: Using data reports and analytics, teachers are in a better position to gauge the progress of every child in class and increase or decrease the level of ‘Math task’ assigned to the child to make sure he is aligned on the path of progress and not stuck on a particular chapter for too long.

Online Math Studies for Easy Home Learning

Parents play an equally important role by partnering with the school to encourage their children to develop Math acumen. Understanding the needs of working parents, Mathletics introduced the home-based math learning platform for students to comfortably learn concepts like ‘integers’ and ‘ratios’ at home. Especially during the current Covid pandemic scenario, it becomes easier for parents to allocate productive screen time for their children by motivating them to solve math exercises, rather than wasting time on social media platforms.

  • Home-based math curriculum: The math lessons are designed by experienced educators so that children can have high-quality learning of the subject at home, as taught in school. The app offers flexibility to modify the learning schedule from over hundreds of hours’ worth of content.
  • Reliable tutoring: Students without having to go anywhere can interact with a tutor from their tabs and get their queries answered. Parents can keep a track of the progress that child has made on the ‘task’ or ‘math games’ assigned by the tutor.
  • Introducing Math to Early Learners: Through interesting math games and engaging videos, your little pre-schoolers are introduced to numbers in a systematic manner. Parents indeed feel a sense of pride when their tiny-tots perform their first ‘addition’ and ‘subtraction’ on the Mathletics app.

Mathletics keeps students engaged with mathematics. Watch as your child progresses from basic level math to becoming certified champions. Over 3 million students around the world using the Mathletics platform to enhance their math skills and we hope your child is one of them!  

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Engage Early Learners Through Playful Math Activities

Engage Early Learners Through Playful Math Activities

Engage Early Learners Through Playful Math Activities

Mathematics is one of the subjects that needs a proper foundation from an early age. This allows for a systematic integration of the key concepts in different grade levels as the child progresses further.

Let us introduce a formidable tool that becomes a part of the child’s life and lends a hand to their understanding of math concepts. ABC Mathseeds, for kids aged 3-9 years old, teaches the core math and problem skills that are needed to be successful in the mastery of tough concepts.

To keep the children engaged with the lessons and supply them with the motivation to learn the concepts, Mathseeds utilizes highly structured lessons coupled with a reward system to induce the curiosity and satisfaction of children.

The best part of this service? As is the normality in this day and age, Mathseeds is available to be used both on a tablet and a computer, ensuring that your young one can continue to learn their favorite math concepts at a location of their choosing, be it in the car or when they are most active.

Why Is Mathseeds So Effective?

This service incorporates certain key features to captivate young learners. One such feature is the reward system. Children will find it difficult to understand the concepts if they do not find something that drives them to learn.

At the end of every lesson, learners are rewarded with a cute baby e-pet that is based on the current map that the learner is on. At the end of each map (5 lessons), a quiz tests the knowledge learned and enables the child to revise the key learning points of that concept. If the child passes this quiz, they can print out an achievement certificate to celebrate their accomplishment. When the learner completes lessons and activities, they receive golden acorns that can be spent on items for their treehouse and avatar.

Structure of Lesson

The lesson begins with an animation that is led by one or more of the main characters. The concept is introduced in a manner that is entertaining, yet it retains the educational element that is most needed. The concept in the lesson is then consolidated by 9 activities – these activities are designed to present the content in different ways so that the children have multiple ways of understanding a single concept. This allows the children to use and apply each skill in a variety of situations.


At the end of a lesson, learners are able to access an e-book that reinforces the concept taught. This book makes sure to teach the language of math to children in an entertaining way. Children can either read the book independently or follow along while this book is narrated to them.


Mathseeds has a robust teaching framework that utilize the curiosity and winning qualities of children in order to deliver structured content that is both entertaining and educational.

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Blending Education and Technology to Create a Conducive Project-Based Learning Environment for Children

Blending Education and Technology to Create a Conducive Project-Based Learning Environment for Children

Blending Education and Technology to Create a Conducive Project-Based Learning Environment for Children

Every aspect of our lives today is influenced by technology. At the press of a button on our smartphones we can do almost anything. Ordering food online requires technology and paying electricity bills is easier than ever before, thanks to an app on our smartphones. Technology has enabled us to connect with any professional service from across the world, via video conferencing medium. Entertainment is accessible at homes with video streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Google has answers to almost all our questions, more so even via a talking bot!

Technology is not only making our lives easier, but also saving the environment. Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular, thus cutting down on a whole load of impure emissions into the atmosphere. Smart home devices use Artificial Intelligence to save electricity by turning-off gadgets that are not in use. Smart appliances like refrigerators are even programmed to notify the home-owner about the fridge door being left open. LED lights and smart thermostats are scheduled to turn-off automatically at a certain time of the day when not in use.

Children engage with technology in their classrooms and complete their assignments via an app. Schools familiarise children with the ‘world of technology’ right from an early age. Understanding the importance of technology, schools from across the globe have collaborated with TechnoKids to teach children important computer skills, before they step out into the real world.

What is TechnoKids Computer Curriculum?

Going by the moto of ‘teaching the skills of tomorrow……today’, TechnoKids Computer Curriculum is a collection of technology projects that teach computer skills under 6 different categories namely; primary, junior, intermediate, senior, camp and teacher. The projects are in the form of computer-based activities for children of all ages. These computer-based e-lessons are specially designed in a way to stimulate the child’s thought-process, apply his analytical skills, collaborate with co-learners, and solve complex problems with ease while making correct decisions.

TechnoKids Opens Doors of Success and Possibilities in the Following way:

Relevant project-work readies the student for future career prospects: Careers opportunities based on the STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) require computing proficiency which may not be integrated in the regular school curriculum. TechnoKids goes a step further to deliver well-researched STEM topics that students learn in a fun manner through role-play exercises.  The child assumes the role of a web developer, statistician, database administrator, financial analyst, or a computer support specialist and replicates real-world ‘job duties’ into prototype project-work that they complete in school or homes, with the help of an instructor.

Imbibing a diverse skill set amongst children: Learnings from each of the subject area are amalgamated and applied by children while brainstorming on ‘project-work’ assigned to them. Successfully completing project work requires planning, execution, and communication, which are key skills required for any job role today. This progressive thinking of making children job-ready right at school level will benefit them in the long run.


Technology projects that integrate technology and professional skills: The best part about the program is that children are not tested on the grasping power of their computer learning skills, but also challenged to follow a systematic approach to project completion. While figuring out a way to present the project, students practice goal-setting, schedule timelines, assign a leader, and collaborate with others just like the network of interdependencies between different departments in office leading towards timely delivery of project work.

These technology project kits include material aids like teachers guide, student workbooks, and resource files to create a truthy worthy learning experience.


The salient features of the TechnoKids Technology Projects that are admirable by educators & parents:

  • Easily integrated into school the curriculum
  • In sync with academic requirements
  • Highly customized learning resources
  • Clearly defined instructions stated in manual
  • Pre-installed analytical tools to evaluate progress
  • Offers fun and meaningful learning activities for students
  • Effective project-based learning approach

Gone are those days where children were taught computing skills by practicing writing codes and studying excel formulas from a book. The new-age learning focuses on project work which readies children to learn essential skills by publish a magazine, creating multimedia storyboards, and developing a website, by students as young as elementary school level.

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Building Blocks of Science 3D – The Way Forward

Building Blocks of Science 3D – The Way Forward

Building Blocks of Science 3D – The Way Forward

Science has helped us understand much of why certain things happen in this universe. Reading textbooks and blogs (like this one) introduce curious minds to the very foundations of science. However, this is theoretical in nature and requires a comprehensive understanding of scientific terms and jargon before our kids are ready to tackle practical problems.

The core aim of a teacher is to teach their students about the key concepts of a subject in order for the children to retain the facts and build on them leading up to assessments. This must be done in a fun and engaging way that will significantly increase the potential for children to easily remember information and for them to have an awesome time in the process.

Building Blocks of science

Enter Building Blocks of Science 3D. This is a three-dimensional science kit that enables children to explore the multiple facets of science.

Key Features:

  • Captivating and engaging investigations within 30 minutes – effective time management
  • Each investigation integrates the 3 dimensions of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) – Crosscutting Concepts, Science and Engineering Practices and Disciplinary Core Ideas (more on this below)
  • Flexible instruction
  • Best quality science materials tested for rigorous performance and durability
  • Digital tools enhance and differentiate the learning of students – information is provided in different forms for consumption according to learning styles
  • Superior teacher support for effective lesson planning
  • Pay as you go pricing – no yearly subscription or licensing fees

Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

These rigorous educational standards form the basis of the Building Blocks of Science toolkit.

Crosscutting Concepts

These intersecting concepts enable students to explore connections across the 4 domains of science: Physical Science; Life Science; Earth and Space Science; and Engineering Design. A concept, like cause and effect, is explicitly demonstrated and helps students to develop a coherent and scientifically grounded view of the world around them.

Science and Engineering Practices

These practices describe the process behind the investigation of the natural world conducted by scientists as well as the design process and building of systems by engineers. It also explains and extends the concept of inquiry in science through the range of cognitive, social and physical practices.

Disciplinary Core Ideas

These key ideas have broad importance within or across multiple science or engineering disciplines. They also build on each other as students progress through their respective grades.

Why Should I Choose Building Blocks of Science?

This toolkit is designed to throw its full weight behind both instructors and students. No matter where you are or what your environment is, these 3D kits guarantee peace of mind and delivers authentic lab experiments in an ever-changing learning environment.

Instructional consistency from student to student is also a key benefit when these kits are deployed. Kids investigating the latest and greatest science concepts at home will be learning the same concepts and information as a student in an in-class setting.

After the COVID-19 pandemic rocked the world in 2020, education had to be dramatically rethought. Certain activities had to be completed outside of virtual classes at home (asynchronous learning) while simple activities like writing on a whiteboard were easily replaced with technology alternatives and could be delivered real time during a class (synchronous learning). These toolkits can accommodate both guided learning (online and in-person) and self-paced learning where curiosity and determination play a huge part.

Lastly, these toolkits provide a consistent and unique lab experience for each student. This ensures that each student is guided by a core framework established by the teacher but retains the independence to explore these concepts on their own

Wrapping it up, if you take a step back and view the entire theoretical and practical foundation of the Building Blocks of Science 3D, you will realize that it positions itself to deliver scientific knowledge of the highest quality by integrating with robust frameworks and activities and providing fantastic teacher resources and engaging material for students. We hope that you will consider this tool in the pursuit of scientific knowledge. Thanks! 

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An all-encompassing Integrated School Management Platform for our Bright Torchbearers

An all-encompassing Integrated School Management Platform for our Bright Torchbearers

An all-encompassing Integrated School Management Platform for our Bright Torchbearers

Technology is playing a key role in every aspect of our lives today. The same applies to the educative space. In recent times, schools are levelling-up to match the competencies of the ‘corporate world’ by introducing new & improved ‘digital solutions’ for data management and learning.

There is no doubt about the fact that ‘digital software’ is creating better learning environments for students by complimenting the teaching efforts of the educators. An e-classroom is well-equipped to answer every question that the inquisitive learners wish to know about.

Many schools are looking for solutions that are not only limited to the learning aspect, but also cover the entire gamut of responsibilities that schools have at hand. To address this growing need, The Knowledge Hub has introduced the NextLearingPlatform with an aim to positively transform the dimensions of the K-12 ecosystem.

What exactly is the NextLearingPlatform?

NextLearingPlatform is a powerful combination of school management system, course management system, adaptive learning technology and award-winning content system, that takes care of all academic and administrative needs of the school. In simple words, it is everything and beyond, that a school requires to function seamlessly.

Next learning Platform features

A brief on each of the ‘four’ core areas of focus:

ERP: The routine administrative work like attendance, staff payroll, managing timetables, and scheduling fees can be automated with the use of this ERP platform. Important student records and admission documents can be retrieved from the system at the click of a button, thus going paperless and reducing the burden of having to carefully store physical files. This enables administrators to focus on the smooth functioning of the school while demonstrating efficiency, cost-saving, and ingenuity.

Learning Management System: The entire annual course plan for various subjects and extra-curricular activities is easily incorporated via this tool. Predefining the teaching plan well in advance helps the educators focus on innovative classroom delivery, rather than spending time on planning what lesson to teach next, a day before its delivery. Even students have an easy access to the learning aids taught in class on their phones or tabs, while they are at home. Being an interactive platform, students can get their queries addressed anytime and from anywhere.

Next Review: To test the student’s critical thinking abilities, the tool has an in-built customizable ‘assessment’ process in place. Educators can upload a bank of open-ended and multiple-choice questions to evaluate the child’s knowledge about the topic taught in school. To further automate the process, the ERP system allows teachers to feed in a one-time grading system, on basis of which an auto-computed score is shared with the child at the end of the assignment. The grading helps the students to be aware of their strengths & weaknesses, and focus on continuous improvement.

Next Education Courseware: To support the teacher in generating learning aids and innovative teaching concepts, the tool makes available a bank of ‘content’ that is created by professional ‘academic curriculum planners’. The fact that it is already being used by over 12,000+ schools, is a testament to the credibility of the Award-Winning content strategy provided by this platform.

What value does the NextlearningPlatform provide to different stakeholders?

All the major stakeholders of the K-12 school directly or indirectly benefit and are linked seamlessly by this AI multi-dimensional platform.


Allows educators to schedule and conduct ‘Live lectures’ remotely. Especially in the current scenario, where the world has to maintain ‘physical distance’, the Next Learning Platform provides an excellent solution to create a classroom-like ‘learning experience’ at home. Also, the automated lesson-planning comes handy and reduces the burden of teachers to prepare lengthy ‘teaching materials’ for children. By clicking on the appropriate class, teachers get an overview of the cumulative performance record and individualized score of each child in a real-time.


The head Principal of the school gets a bird’s eye view of progress of students and the effectiveness of curriculum delivery by teachers, simply by logging into the portal from their handheld devices.


The pace of learning for every child could be different. Through the Next Learning Platform, it is easier for students to learn at their own speed, as they have full access to digital content and recorded classroom sessions undertaken by the subject-specific teacher. Students can even get their queries clarified and upload their projects & assignments digitally.


To ease the tension of a worrisome parent, the ERP solution integrates a real-time instant notification service, where parents get an email or SMS as soon as the child has been assigned with any homework. Parents can even access the progress report of the child and communicate freely with teachers & admin staff without having to take leave from work to attend a meeting in school.

Schools that have welcomed innovation by integrating the Next Learning Platform already have an edge over the other institutions and are witnessing immense benefits by eliminating human error and improving efficiencies.

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