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For K-12

Misty II is the first professional-grade platform robot. For Educators comfortable with code, she is a learning platform with large potential. Whether your goals are to teach coding, explore the basics of robotics, delve into advanced technologies, or leverage Misty for research, she is ready to be your partner.
Middle and High School Studies with Misty, students learn with hands-on activities and seeing their creations come to life, keeping them motivated and engaged. As a single development platform with a multitude of capabilities, Misty provides learning scalability. From 3Dprinting attachments to experiments with facial recognition to coding skills to Arduino, Misty is flexible and engaging for students of all interests.

For Higher Education and Universities

Misty II is the first professional-grade platform robot, knocking down the typical barriers to entry relative to putting robots to work against useful assignments in education and research. What exactly is a platform robot?
Multi-Purpose – Leveraged for different purposes based on skills developed Programmable – Enables developers to build skills bringing utility to the robot.
Developer Accessible – Accessible to developers without knowledge of robotics.
Extensible – Enables additional utility via third party offerings.
Ecosystem – Sharing within a third-party ecosystem accelerates growth
Misty serves as a vehicle for learning engineering constructs with robots vs laptops. She offers opportunities to engage with cutting edge technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, and Computer Vision. As a platform for developers, Misty is highly accessible enabling students and faculty to jump into coding and building skills (robot applications).

Misty II Capabilities

Out of the box, Misty is ready for developers to build skills that take full advantage of her capabilities such as detecting and recognizing people; communicating via voice (third party NLP integrations); capturing photos, collecting data and sharing; conveying personality; autonomously moving about a room; mapping a room in 3D and more. We have focused on making it easy for developers to build. Developers have access torobust tools including a pre-built Command Center, Skill Runner, and API Explorer accessible through Misty’s easy to navigate JavaScript or C# SDK interface. Her tools are complimented by clear docs, sample code, and tutorials to get you started.

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