Create More “Aha!” Moments

LEGO Education Simple & Powered Machines

Teachers know that hands-on learning engages students at every level, sparks creativity, develops critical thinking skills, ignites career possibilities — and is just plain fun! LEGO® Education Simple & Powered Machines use LEGO® bricks and creative activities to make interactive, exploration-based learning easier than ever to achieve.
Powered mechanical and hands-on solutions that link textbook instruction to real-world experiences are the focus of this curriculum activity pack and set for grades 6–8. Students cover a broad range of concepts, such as force, motion, and energy, using 396 LEGO Technic bricks and a motor to model physical behaviors. With multiple lessons, activities, and design engineering problem-solving tasks and process – plus additional Maker activities available online. The Simple & Powered Machines set helps promote collaborative work and observation skills.

Easy, Technology-Free Set-Up

LEGO Education Machines & Mechanisms sets are completely manual: no electronic devices are needed to get started with them in the classroom.
We have everything you need to start STEM learning using the Machines & Mechanisms solutions for both primary and secondary school. All curriculum packs offer full teacher support, including STEM materials, student-ready resources, building instructions, and assessment tools.

Time-Saving Curriculum Tools

Our guides and standards-aligned curriculum packs give you a head start, so you can jump right in to using LEGO Education Simple & Powered Machines sets in your classroom. Each set comes with flexible cross-curriculum activities and NGSS- and CSTA-aligned lesson plans, so you spend less time planning and more time catching those “aha!” moments.

Lesson Plans

Comprehensive lesson plans exploring STEAM, engineering, technology and more come in a wide range of activity levels to keep your students engaged and in lengths from 30 to 90 minutes. Browse over 60 available activities for LEGO Education Simple & Powered Machines through our Lessons or Curriculum downloads.

Getting Started

Our start-up guide and classroom management tips will help make everything from unboxing to teaching your first lesson a snap. It will provide you with best practices to make the most out out the set and be successful in your classroom! We also offer face-to-face training through LEGO Education Academy.
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