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An AI-ML integrated platform that fulfils all academic and administrative needs of the K-12 ecosystem

Next Learning

NextlearningPlatform is a powerful combination of school management system, course management system, adaptive learning

technology and our award-winning content, which meets all the academic and administrative needs of a school.

In its integrated form, the Next learning Platform is unparalleled

One-stop solution

The NextlearningPlatform is designed to enable students teachers in performing all teaching­learning activities such as creating lesson plans, publishing assessments and submitting homework on one platform.

Personalized learning

The NextlearningPlatform facilitates personalised learning with the framework of an artificial intelligence modelling language (AIMU, which makes customization of learning pace and style possible with individualized feedback.

Valuable insights

The interconnectedness among different modules of the administrative and academic sections gives detailed insights, such as lack of attendance as a reason for poor academic performance, which may be difficult for us to remember or analyze from records.

Bringing all the stakeholders together

NextlearningPlatform helps all the K-12 stakeholders collaborate in the learning process by providing for each of their requirements and facilitating easy and transparent communication among them.

Remarkable features to cover all the bases

Learning Management System

The academic sub-platform of NextlearningPlatform is an amalgamation of various tools that covers the length and breadth of the entire teaching-learning Gamut. It helps create and manage the course plan and aids in its delivery. The embedded tracking tools provide detailed reports of the progress made and the deviations encountered. This encourages teachers and students to take remedial actions and attain learning objectives.

Empowering teachers

The innovative planning and teaching tools streamline the work of teachers and increase their creativity.

More agency to learners

The feedback gained from reports makes students aware of their strengths and weaknesses, helping them take the reins of their learning in their own hands.

Let’s explore the key benefits for teachers, principals, students and parents who are the stakeholders.


• Anytime, anywhere teaching through Live Lecture
• Reduced workload and efficient planning through automated lesson planning
• Real-time individual and class-wise performance reports


• Easy tracking system to keep a check on the academic progress of a 11 students in the school
• Monitoring system to gauge teachers’ progress with regard to course completion and efficient delivery of content
• Transparency of information as all of it is structured in the integrated platform, making it accessible to all users


• Access to digital content on any device
• Opportunity to learn on one’s own in association with what is taught in the classroom
• Provision to upload and share content or projects with teachers


• Regular updates of the child’s academic performance via SMS and emails
• Instant alerts when homework is assigned
• Real-time communication with teachers and school administrators


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