Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Today, education is making great strides with the help of digitalization. Mobile devices, apps, and online content are playing a crucial role in how students are accessing their lessons.

Providing students with mobile devices has made the learning experience more efficient. Our Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions equip both teachers and students with appropriate educational apps and materials to make learning fun and easy.

Not only do our solutions allow schools to teach beyond the classrooms, but they also enable students more opportunities to access the content.

Our mobile device management (MDM) solution is designed specifically for the education sector in the UAE. It helps schools control student-owned mobile devices by managing access to content and settings.

Key Features of Our Services

  • Time & geolocation-based management – Our MDM services allow schools to control the mobile devices, their applications, and settings based on the location of the device.
  • Provisioning & controls – Schools can set up flexible controls on the devices, apps, and content-based the school’s acceptable use policies (AUPs).
  • Multi-school dashboard – This solution is helpful for schools with multiple branches. It provides a single dashboard that offers centralized profile management.
  • Multiple enrolment options – Our solutions are designed to make it easy for students to enroll or log in to their classroom.
  • Offsite filtering & parental controls – Our MDM solutions at Knowledge Hub offers strong controls to both parents and schools to restrict kids access inappropriate content.
  • Reporting and analytics – Our solution offers a detailed report on device usage and its online activity via a real-time dashboard.
  • Device Settings Control – You can install or update apps on all devices at a time to save the time. You can also control the devices’ settings such as enforcing safe search.

Designed specifically for the schools in UAE, our solutions are designed with keeping in education in mind and thus we offer incredible features at a very special price.

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