Strategize your Business Venture with LEGO® SPIKE™ Prime Set

Strategize your Business Venture with LEGO® SPIKE™ Prime Set

Strategize your Business Venture with LEGO® SPIKE™ Prime Set

Building a business is a complex and layered process. Most adults have a difficult time wrapping their heads across the ways in which a business operates. ‘The Kickstart a Business’ lessons by LEGO® Spike Prime™ Set aim to create a more universal understanding of such business functionalities for young students. This understanding is created with the help of pseudocodes and helps young students build a greater control over real world problem solving. Several institutions in the Middle East urban belt, the GCC, and in cities such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and more in UAE have adopted the lessons for the holistic learning of their students.

The most effective way to solve any problem is to break it down to smaller problems, which then can be addressed individually. The pseudocodes used in the lesson help the students break down actions into different command codes and thus help the student solve a larger problem with simple small solutions for interwoven problems.

Breaking down any problem helps the learner form a greater understanding of the problem while effectively being able to work towards the solution with a holistic approach. The different lessons of the “Kickstart a Business” program focus on different aspects of building programs for problem-solving.

Ensure robot is working correctly

Does learning about quality testing sound intriguing? This is specifically not the case for young learners. But building a flawless robot does sound like an exciting experience. This lesson focuses on helping learners break down the larger problem of delivering quality products into smaller parameters that can be tested and used to determine the ‘quality’ of a product. The students work towards building a program for the robot that in turn takes decisions based on its programming for quality checks. How cool is that!

Lego Education Spike Prime _robot making

Identify and fix programming problems

After having covered the creation of the program, it’s the learners turn to learn how to fix something that has already been made. This lesson focuses on finding and fixing mistakes in the code of a delivery cart, so that it can work for the functionality it was made for. This lesson builds the learner’s understanding towards identifying errors and problems. Some may say this is even the most important part of solving a problem, since identification does require a set of skills the lessons aim to teach them. This lesson also assists the learner to develop a native problem-solving mindset, by giving the learner the right tools to identify a problem and work towards its solution.

Recognize patterns and create effective programming

How does a package get tracked while it is on a particular route? How does the mapping of that route happen? How can the operator keep a live track of where the parcel is? All these questions are answered in this lesson program. Using programming stacks an XY tracking bot made to follow a path created by the learner. The lesson focuses on creating the ability of recognising patterns in the learners and enabling them to build effective programs. The lesson helps the learners solidify their understanding of programming blocks while being able to recognise patterns and optimise according to them.


Learn the essence of Digital Security

This lesson enables the students to use programming to lock and unlock the door for a ‘safe deposit’. At this step of the program lesson, the student learns about conditional programming thus learning the basics of programming used in the systems of the world today. The lesson also enables the students to learn about the principles of digital security, in a simplified and straightforward manner.

Discover computational thinking

Automation has come really far in the past decade and the technology to automate almost anything exists. This lesson program helps the student become well versed with the fundamental process of automation. The lesson helps the learner to build a program that identifies and dispatches a parcel based on its color. The learner builds the program to detect colors and dispatch the parcels accordingly.

The program lessons all in all work towards developing a fundamental understanding of coding, problem solving, business execution and more, all done in its most fundamental manners, so as to help more students grasp the idea.

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Learning Concepts of Maths at a Supermarket

Learning Concepts of Maths at a Supermarket

Learning Concepts of Maths at a Supermarket

Have you ever noticed your child getting bored of studying Maths? Well, you can try a new technique to teach them Maths. Bring them to a Supermarket to learn Maths in any of the malls in Dubai. It might sound quite strange to you at first, but it turns out to be a great idea when executed properly.

As much as studying from the notebooks is important, it is also important to develop a practical understanding. So, next time when you plan to go for grocery shopping take your child along, of course after the pandemic is over. Real-life tasks can make learning Maths a better experience!

Add to Cart

You can suggest your child to calculate all the items in your cart and count the total amount. This will improve their math skills. You can purposely add more items and then remove them later. Ask them to then subtract the extra items. This will seem like a challenge to them but they will get used to it and become good at Maths. Even IB schools in UAE/GCC and other parts of the world, have scheduled field visits to encourage on-ground studies and ready children for the outside world.

Choose the Items

When you’re busy choosing the items, give the entire list of items to your child along with the prices and ask them to choose the item which falls within the allocated range. It will give them enough time to compare it and improve their budgeting skills. You can also give them an item which is beyond the range and ask them to instead opt for an alternate item.

Ask them to Multiply

Hand over 3-4 invoices to them from different times when you went grocery shopping and ask them to multiply it. You can also buy the same items but from different brands and ask your child to compare them. After comparing, ask them which brand gives the same product at a lesser price.

Give them Coupons

Many supermarkets run offers like 50% – 70% off and many such offers are valid frequently. So, this can be a great opportunity for you to put your child’s knowledge to work and evaluate how much they’ve learnt. You should ask them to calculate the percentages and check the results.

Tell them your Budget

You should discuss your budget with your child and give them a calculator. Let them make a list of items that have to be bought, by telling them your requirements. Further, let them use a calculator and make a list according to the budget. Explain to them why budgeting is important and how a household is run on fixed monthly budget.

Collection of Change

Let your child collect the change by calculating it. They can go and ask for the amount of change that has to be taken by subtracting it from the total amount. For example, if the amount is 300 dirhams then give your child 500 dirhams and ask them to collect the change. This way, they can do the math and collect the change from the cashier. Children develop a sense of responsibility and become confident every time they are assigned a task and are able to complete it successfully.

Ask them to Help you

Weigh Inform your child how much the fruits and vegetables weigh and tell them the quantity you want. Further, ask them to buy a certain amount of weight, for example, 1 dozen banana. So, they have to estimate how many bananas will come in a dozen and this will teach them the basics of quantity properly.

However, due to the current pandemic there is no option but to stay indoors. So, we recommend you to make the most of the Mathletics platform which aims to make learning maths interesting through its online programs. They have designed programmes for different age group students and quite a few parents in the Middle East find it beneficial to use this tool. Students even get detailed reviews of the tasks that are assigned to them. It will teach and train them on various math concepts like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in a fun-filled way.

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Reimaging A Better Future with 3D Printing Technology

Reimaging A Better Future with 3D Printing Technology

Reimaging A Better Future with 3D Printing Technology

The 21st century that we live in today is witnessing rapid innovation as a result of newer developments in the field of science, technology, engineering and research. In a matter of time, we went from having immobile desktop commuters to using smartphones, tabs and apps. Thanks to cleaning robots, time allocated to household chores is reduced considerably and smart home devices powered by IoT are making safety have taken comfort and safety to new dimensions. Even investing in digital currency called cryptocurrency, is trending with Bitcoin and Ethereum as an alternative to the regular stock exchanges.

In recent times you must have read about the 3D printing technology making headlines and its impressive impact across multiple sectors. From prototyping a small screw to making customized 3D printed polyurethane car seats by German automaker Porsche, the possibilities with are endless. Let us together discover this new-age tool and impact on societies:

Making New Advents in the Field of Medicine

Using the bioprinting technique, it is possible to print layers of living tissues and cells using bio-ink. Through this, doctors are able to replicate human organs and use them for research or as a cheaper alternative to organ transplant. Ongoing studies has led to the development of human body parts for surgery, such as; skin, eyes, ears, and vital organs such as liver & heart. Lifesaving drugs like pills that are 3D printed are already in the market and are safe for consumption. Even prosthetic limbs are 3D printed, giving a new lease of hope to accident victims and diabetic patients. 3D printing is entering the UAE market in a big way and as per news reported, medical products in Dubai is expected to reach AED 1.7 billion by 2025.

Enhancing Efficiency in Manufacturing

The use of 3D printing in manufacturing is becoming widely accepted. Simply by adding layer upon layer of materials such as plastics or metal, 3D printers are able to develop products that are as competent as the output produced under the traditional way of manufacturing. Unlike the traditional technique where a huge team of skilled labor needs to be deployed on machines, operation of 3D printers is enabled by a single person who starts the machine and the rest is all automated. This brings down the labor cost considerably and thereby reduces the cost of production. Another advantage of 3D printing is that the products can be produced as and when required and there is no compulsion to generate goods in batches. Mass production may not always be beneficial, as the items need a place for storage & warehousing, before they are dispatched into the market and this turns out to be costly.


Adding Meaning to Education

Educators are using 3D printers in classrooms to make subjects more relatable and increase student’s involvement. No matter what content you are teaching, 3D printing makes class interesting. Teachers can print 3D shapes for children to touch, feel and visualize their dimensions instead of showing it as a slide on the PowerPoint presentation. Even the study of our solar system, its 8 planets, and movement around the sun is made exciting by 3D printing models. Also, how boring is it to simply remember dates and study about the different historic events from a textbook. To add meaning and visual delight to this mandatory study 3D printing comes to the rescue. Imaging playing the role of an Egyptian prince with the model pyramids and mummies in the background, just printed using the Mayku educational printer. The Mayku FormBox is a compact 3D printer which is a favorite device amongst IBs and CBSE schools in the Middle East, especially in the GCC. It aims to foster a hands-on approach to STEAM learning by encouraging children to design & make their own learning aids.


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Building a Future; One BricQ at a Time with LEGO® Education BricQ Motion Essential Kit

Building a Future; One BricQ at a Time with LEGO® Education BricQ Motion Essential Kit

Building a Future; One BricQ at a Time with LEGO® Education BricQ Motion Essential Kit

LEGO® Education BricQ Motion Essential introduces a stellar kit based on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) learning for elementary school graders. Imagine having to teach children about important concepts of physics via boring presentations and textbook definitions. Rather wouldn’t it be more meaningful to relate concepts of physics through fun activities that the child can practice on a daily basis.

If you observe children, they are naturally curious. They ask the right questions and seek answers to their observations. When they throw a ball in the air, they wonder why it comes down right back at them and when they bounce it, they ponder what makes the ball rebound in action. While playing with toy cars they accidently figure when one car hits the other, it sets the wheels in motion.

LEGO® Education BricQ Motion Essential

Lego® Education goes by the example of ‘learn while playing’ and therefore they device educational kits that depict play sets, but contribute in a large way to learning. The latest, BricQ Motion Essential kit provides an easy hands-on learning experiences without the need for technology. Children will surely be amused and have many “aha” moments to cherish while assembling the bricks in motion. Schools in the UAE including Dubai, have recommend to avail a set or two for children to practice hands-on techniques while discovering motion, and force, in an unconventional fun-like setting.

What’s in the Box?

There are precisely 523 pieces that are put together in the compact BricQ Motion box which includes four minifigures and a variety of easy-build elements, like gears, weighted bricks, springs, and more for an authentic constructing experience. Even the trays that come along with the box are color coordinated to make it easy to sort the pieces, so that children don’t end up wasting time in finding the correct parts, but instead focus getting the build correct in the first attempt.

Don’t worry if your little one is apprehensive about trying out LEGO® bricks for the very first time. The kit comes with an illustrated instruction booklet to guide the child through the entire process from scratch through simple step-by-step pictures and explanations. Isn’t this an exciting way to discover physical science in action!


Supporting Teaching-Learning Experience

Aligned with the basics of STEAM approach, this kit fuses the learnings of 2 curriculum units under its Train to Win (Grades K-2) and Winning with Science (Grades 3-5) programs. Educators and parents can blindfolded rely on the teacher training videos, systematic lesson plans, engaging videos, and printable worksheets to deliver the training without having to device a teaching plan for the same. This fully loaded BricQ Motion Kit is easily available in the Middle East, including GCC countries and will be delivered in the shortest span, so that students can get started without further ado and match-up with the level of learning amongst graders their age globally.

Here’s what you can expect in the curriculum unit:

  • 7-8 lessons of 45 minutes each (1 open-ended project with two 45-minute sessions)
  • 30+ minutes language arts and math extensions for each lesson
  • 6-10 hours of educational content

There’s also a Personal Learning kit available with 62 elements to hand-over the box to each student. This enables the teacher to create a hybrid learning environment while delivering the STEAM curricula to a child who is learning remotely from home.

Many parents and educators vouch by LEGO® Education BricQ Motion Essential and have observed the enthusiasm by which children come forth and construct innovative models while easily grasping important lessons on physics. Is your kid a BricQ champ already?

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Why are Action Songs Important for Pre-schoolers

Why are Action Songs Important for Pre-schoolers

Why are Action Songs Important for Pre-schoolers

If your child falls under the pre-school age group and you’re struggling to teach them about different colors, animals, continents, planets, parts of the body, etc. then your go-to solution to make your child’s learning experience much better is through introducing them to action songs. It will be a fun-filled experience for your child while having a great amount of knowledge to grasp.

A lot of preschool teachers across the Middle East, including Dubai, GCC and many other countries believe that action songs can be extremely impactful and beneficial for children to increase their vocabulary and drive-down concepts. As with time, children tend to get invested in listening to action songs for an improved learning experience.

Are you confused about what action songs are exactly? Well, they are songs or nursery rhymes with sing-song phrases and movements. This is a smart method to make children learn words, numbers, poems, colors, animals, etc. Children can easily remember anything that they enjoy. And nobody ever gets bored of rhymes with music! Learning action songs has a lot of benefits. From improving coordination to being able to follow directions, there are numerous benefits of action songs which is why they are important for pre-schoolers.

Here are some of the benefits enlisted for your knowledge:

Better Coordination

Action songs can improve your child’s hand-eye coordination as while they are learning the song, they are also acting it out. So, this is a great way to improve your child’s physical movement and muscle coordination. You can also try to encourage your child by cheering up and clapping for them. This will rid them of their shyness.

Follow Directions

Ever went through the pain of repeating your instruction a lot of times to make your child listen to you? Well, at some point in life all parents have been there. However, action songs make it easier for your child to listen to instructions. So, next time you can rhyme your request into a song and voila, your child will listen to you.

Improves Creativity

After your child listens to action songs it encourages them to try something new, which tends to improve creativity. When your child is listening to action songs, they feel calm and creativity starts flowing. They might want to draw, paint or simply write something out-of-the-box which goes a long way in releasing emotional catharsis and provides an outlet to develop creative expression at an early age.

Boosts Self-confidence

Children tend to feel shy very often. Especially, in front of people, they don’t know. However, action songs make them sing in front of other children and teachers. This not only makes them feel good about themselves over time but also boosts their confidence. They overcome their fears and learn to build healthy relationships with fellow classmates.

Helps in Academics

Many schools in UAE suggest parents make their child listen to action songs to learn new things from their educational material. Action songs can help preschoolers remember important details from the curricula such as colors of a rainbow, number of tentacles that an octopus has, and the sides in a hexagon, etc. Your child will be able to recall the educational material easily by listening to action songs.

Develops a love for music

Action songs are engaging and fun. They tend to make children love music. Slowly, with time your child will develop and have a taste in music. There are a variety of action songs too. For example, “If You’re Happy and You Know it”, “The Wheels on the Bus”, “Baa Baa Black Sheep” is very different from “I Can Be a Kangaroo” but children choose what they like more according to their preference.

Isn’t it unbelievable the amount of benefits that action songs have? So, now you know why action songs are essential for pre-schoolers.

Kutubee is a great platform that provides a unique experience for children. They have hundreds of illustrated stories in Arabic and English.

Kutubee, generally opts for modern learning strategies. These strategies have been designed by a team of professional educators. Different curriculums have been designed by keeping all age groups in mind. Kutubee has various features that make your child’s learning experience memorable.

The features include read to me, record your voice, share audio with the teacher, offline reading and a lot more. The platform has an advanced Teacher’s Portal with student reading reports, assignments, and a section dedicated to creating book collections.

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