VinciBot – Coding Robot Set

Encouraging children to play and explore

1. From graphical to text-based programming:
Supported Sratch and Python

2. Multiple functions to create limitless play:

  • 16×8 Programmable LED light matrix
  • Modifiable to work with Lego, drive shaft, optical fiber plug, etc.
  • 8+ sensors: IR transmitter/receiver, light, obstacle, sound, line follower, and color recognition, etc.

3. Perfect integration of coding, art and music:

  • More precise movement and drawing to bring students’ creativity into reality
  • 19 musical instruments sounds for music creation

4. AI-based and fun interaction scenarios:

  • Text-to-speech
  • Gesture recognition
  • Voice recognition

Educational Value

1. The learning content proceeds from easy to advanced.

  • Beginner – Familiarize yourself with the product and the Scratch page of the product by following examples
  • Intermediate – Make the physical realization of Scratch learning
  • Advanced – Exercise hands-on skills, design thinking, engineering thinking

2.  Programmable robot turns a digital world into a physical one.

  • Students manipulate the robot through coding, and the coding results are presented in a more intuitive, diverse, and creative manner, which stimulates students’ interest in learning.

3. Compatible with building blocks and modules.

  • It is more open, which encourages learners to create works independently, and to exercise their creativity, design thinking and engineering thinking.

Tech Advantages

  • It provides many functions and scenarios including high-precision movement capabilities, drawing, LED matrix, and color recognition, on the basis of the classic programming robot’s line following, obstacle avoidance, motion, sound and RGB.
  • It provides advanced servos and more sensor functions through expansion modules, with a higher upper limit.
  • It allows connection and expansion with Lego structural parts.
  • It achieves a rich catalog of activities and robotics competition on the basis of items 1-3.
  • It supports graphical programming and Python programming, and has a good and stable programming experience.
  • It is supported with the rich teaching materials.

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