The importance of Math in The Modern World

The importance of Math in The Modern World

The importance of Math in The Modern World

The application of mathematics in the modern world is a complex and ever-changing field. In the Middle East, there are many businesses and governments that rely on mathematical expertise to make their decisions. Some of the most common applications of mathematical expertise in the modern world are in business, finance, and engineering. In business, mathematical expertise can be used to calculate financial ratios and statements, to analyse data, and to make predict future financial trends. In engineering, mathematical expertise can be used to design and build products, for data analysis, and to make predictions.

We have all found the subject of maths to be daunting and challenging. Despite its reputation, mathematical skill is one of the most coveted skills due to its role in the modern world. We all use it in some form or the other. From paying for groceries to calculating a tip in a restaurant to building a smartphone; maths has found its way into every aspect of life.

Mathematics has made a significant contribution to the study of climate change by allowing researchers to better comprehend the Earth’s climate and the impact of global warming. It helps in understanding the dynamics of the Earth’s natural systems concerning infectious diseases, their origins, their spread and control.

In the GCC areas, Maths is also part of Social Studies as it helps in exploring the social dynamics of the country and helping to identify income inequality and political polarisation. Using mathematical data they can identify underlying patterns and predict future trends more accurately.

The world as we know it today, would not be possible without maths. It aids us in problem-solving and critical thinking – two very essential skills in today’s technology-powered generation.

Schools in Dubai believe that learning maths opens up a world of opportunities. It is basically the foundation of many fields such as science, engineering, economics, and computer science. It is extremely relevant to the current school curriculums and being deficient in mathematical skills means underperforming in other subjects as mentioned above too. This would translate into limitations when it comes to future employability.

Maths is the foundation of almost every subject. Every aspect or form of mathematics such as algebra, complex numbers, trigonometry etc., influences our lives every day. You will always see an influence of the same in the field you work in, be it in medicine, meteorology or cryptography etc. Astronauts use it to determine the probability of life in outer space, statisticians rely on data to predict population trends and accountants use it to determine whether a company is doing well or making losses. Being proficient in maths opens a lot of doors for job seekers.

Without mathematics, the world would not have made the giant strides it has made today as it is crucial to understand the natural world as well. Maths describes the behaviour of particles and waves, the flow of fluids, and the dynamics of complex systems.

To assist in easier comprehension of this intimidating yet crucial subject, many schools in the UAE offer STEM learning which focuses on individual learning styles and interests. STEM courses develop children’s cognitive abilities and facilitate quick problem-solving. They are working towards their goal of ensuring that every student graduate is tech-savvy and STEM-literate. Recognising this, Blake E-learning along with 3P Learning created Mathletics which is the perfect early learning maths program to form a strong base for math students. It is convenient to use as it syncs with all your devices and hence you can use it anywhere at any time. This platform offers a personalised path with downloadable worksheets and a self-paced curriculum. Enjoyable characters and lessons use real-world examples and escort you through your learning journey while providing immediate assessments and reports so you are aware of your progress.

So if you have not signed up with a maths tutor yet, then do it right away as Maths is one skill that you cannot be without.

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Create a Safe Online Space with Cybersecurity!

Create a Safe Online Space with Cybersecurity!

Create a Safe Online Space with Cybersecurity!

In this day and age, data is as precious as Gold! Corporates, educational institutes, research centers, and government bodies store information that is used for various operational purposes. A programmer combines his knowledge of coding and uses data analytics skills to make sense of the data. Private and confidential track records of employees and secret strategies of organizations, together make it a risky affair to have your data leaked. What if some mischief-monger wants to get access to the information and use it against you? What if the system shuts down and there is no chance of reviving old data?

Because of all these reasons, it is immensely important to handle data with care and this is possible with the advent of Data Security. As already stated earlier, data is the company’s most valuable asset, and protecting it from cyber threats is the first responsibility of any firm, which may not necessarily be a software company. 

There are different types of cybersecurity, so let us understand each one of them in detail:

#1 Cloud Security

We have heard this fancy term ‘cloud’ maybe a dozen times before, but what does it actually mean? Well, the cloud is linked to data that is stored in large cloud servers, across data centers located remotely. So, one can borrow cloud storage from tech giants such as Google and Amazon, to run your company in the UAE. Cloud computing is associated with cloud storage, which means, IT professionals need not set up a physical data center service, but pay for usage of a third-party cloud provider, as and when needed. Think about it this way, now that you are trusting another cloud company to store your valuable information, but not using insurance or protection for it! This isn’t advisable at all. A cloud strategy includes solutions, policies, and protocols, to help protect an organization’s cloud project (applications, data, infrastructure, etc.) against attack.

#2 Network Security

Network security is another type of cybersecurity that keeps theft at bay! For individuals, their financial data and for corporates data related to accounting and finance, can all stay secured thanks to advanced network security. Some illegal hackers try to get into your system and leak data to their advantage, but network security acts as a shield or a barrier that makes it impossible to crack the password. Advanced network security has many sub-layers which are associated with terms such as; Data Loss Prevention (DLP), NGFW (Next-Generation Firewall), IAM (Identity Access Management), and NAC (Network Access Control), amongst others. This ensures safe usage and hassle-free recovery. Various Next-Gen Antivirus software such as Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR), are available in the market, which does the job just right.

3 Endpoint Security

Endpoint security is a way to secure the end users by making sure their devices such as laptops and desktops are protected. This security is possible with data and network security controls, and threat prevention techniques. Anti-phishing and anti-ransomware, are major focus points for endpoint security

#4 Security of the IoTs (Internet of Things)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the most talked about technology these days. IoT makes things talk to each other with the help of the internet. Cars, and home application devices that have become popular in Dubai, are all powered by IoT to increase productivity. These devices are vulnerable to threats and to protect them, we need to use IoT security solutions. It prevents an attack from causing havoc and offers ultimate security in return.

From the above examples, we can see how a safe space is created to protect internet usage and data authenticity. These security features must have been developed by some genius. Usually, Coders and Cyber Security Experts create this software and sell it to the audience at large. These days everything is possible with coding and without having appropriate coding skills, one feels lost or left out. So, starting young, Code Monkey is an excellent platform available in the GCC regions and all across the Middle East to introduce coding to kids as young as 4+ to 14. Students get to work on projects and learn real-time Java, Python, and CofeeScript languages via this platform. Its main features are; easy to use, fun & captivating, and rewarding experience. So, are you ready to catch Bananas for monkeys, while learning the essence of Coding to create unbelievable Cyber Security products for the future?

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Favorite Math Teaching Aids for Students

Favorite Math Teaching Aids for Students

Favorite Math Teaching Aids for Students

Math phobia is as real as it can get! Children are paranoid about numbers for some reason, and to top that, if the Math teacher doesn’t make the lessons fun, it may get boring to study the subject. But how can Schools make a subject like Math interesting? Well, there are plenty of teaching aids available today, thanks to the creativity and inventiveness applied.

We bet your child would change his statement from ‘I hate Math’ to ‘I love Math’ as soon as you introduce these new teaching techniques to them. Hands-on learning is so much more fun and if backed by fancy material, while learning becomes a piece of cakewalk.

Here are some Math related Teaching Aids for Students;

#1 Number Rods

These alternate red and blue rods are spotted on most shelves in Montessori environments. How exactly do they work? Well, number rods are particularly enjoyed by children of ages 4 years and above. At the time when students are still learning to master their motor skills, number rods serve dual purposes of teaching kids Math, while enhancing their grip. These teaching aids, come in a set of 10 number rods. Now ask the child to pick up the smallest rod which is like a red block piece. Place the rod on the mat and say this is one! Take another rod which has 1-red and 1-blue, place it on the mat and say, this is two, and so on. This continues until 10 is reached. Test the child by asking them questions like, show me 5, now show me 7. Isn’t this an excellent activity, plus, learning method! If you need a break from number rods, try out the Mathletics platform that provides digital Math resources in a game-like manner to entice students to spend time on their tabs more productively.

#2 Abacus

This one’s a classic Math manipulative used since quite a long time. The colorful beads on rods makes for a pleasurable experience for learners, as they perform multiplication. Instead of making a huge multiplication table from 1 – 20, simply use an abacus this time and try out how well it works. The beauty of using an abacus as a teaching resource is that, easy multiplications 2×2 and difficult one’s like; 16×19, are both done with ease, thanks to the easy trick of counting beads, staking them, and sliding them appropriately, to get the answer. Awesome, isn’t it!

#3 Spindle Box

Learning to count is a lot more fascinating with the Spindle Box. Wondering what it looks like? Well, imagine a shoe box having sections and each is numbered from 1-9. The box comes with wooden dowels (or rods) and the child has to count them and place them appropriately in the correct compartment. Example; count 5 dowels and place them in the box that is numbered 5. The Spindle Box is easily available online on Amazon or any education toy store or stationary shop in Dubai and GCC regions.

#4 Numbers and Counters

If you’ve played poker, you would know what chips are. No, these are not edible! Chips are like round coin-sized discs and they are to be sorted correctly to perform Math functions. The kit comes with square wooden blocks, each with a different number on them. Now, children are asked to do different Math calculations. For example (place wooden block 9 x (multiplication sign) and wooden block 7). So, find the answer to 9 x 7! The child takes the round chips and places 9 chips under 9 and 7 chips under 7 and then multiplies 9 by 7 times, to get the answer. At the end, the child places 63 as the number which is the correct answer. Hands-on tools are such a cool way to get students involved, and thus most IB schools that follow the modern STEM curriculum in the Middle East, make use of tangible teaching aids.

#5 Golden Bead Box

This is among the most favorite material for students and teachers. That’s because the learner can easily grasp numbers as big as 1000 digits with the help of this compact kit. The kit comes with golden beads which are tied to each other. So you have a single golden bead, a stick of 10 golden beads, a square of 100 golden beads, and a cube with 1000 golden beads. It becomes so easy for children to understand visually that the 10 stick is made of 10 individual 1’s put together and the 100 square is made out of 10 sticks (having 10 beads each), such that 10 x 10 = 100). The 1000 square is decoded by telling students that there are 10 squares (having 100 beads) tied together, such as (10×100=1000). Nothing can beat the Golden Bead Box! So simple, so efficient, and super intriguing to play with. You can even purchase this set for home tutoring purposes, as it is shipped and available across the UAE.

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What is Automation and the Major Benefits of Applying It

What is Automation and the Major Benefits of Applying It

What is Automation and the Major Benefits of Applying It

Human input minimized, Robotic input maximized! This is the simplest definition of the term automation. The beauty of automation is that it is multi-dynamic, and thus it can be applied to the most mundane and rudimentary tasks and is equally beneficial in handling complex and dangerous work. Software Engineers use their programming skills to develop a Robotic helper in the form of a machine or a software program, that can assist the workforce in factories, offices, educational institutes, research centers, Government organizations, and even our homes. The gamut of automation is vast and far-reached and has become an inevitable part of our lives. Let us study the benefits of Automation:

#1 Lowers Cost of Hiring Human Employees

Robots have superpowers! Literally, they can replace the efforts of three human employees and thus saves cost on having to bear salaries and insurance coverage, to take care of your workforce. Robots are more efficient and are capable of completing the job quicker than humans. This means, the company does not have to pay for overtime expenses, but simply make a one-time investment on machines.

#2 Streamlines Processes

Business processes are complicated and the chances of human error are evident. When the same process is automated, the tasks are managed by digital tools and the function becomes streamlined. The automated software is capable of understanding the step-by-step tasks and is capable of completing the same within the given time frame. So, say goodbye to delays, as Robots don’t fall sick and the assigned handover to the next stage will therefore be smooth.

#3 Greater Safety

In a factory environment, there are chances of safety concerns, as engineers may have to deal with chemicals and inhale gases that may adversely affect their health. A Robust Robot is designed for all seasons and conditions! Lifting of extremely heavy parts in a factory premise can be done quite simply by a Robotic arm. In conditions like mines and foundries where the temperature is super-heated, a machine is deployed to carry out the operations. Occupational safety, health, and hazard policy is taken seriously by businesses in the UAE and across the world. Complying with these norms is essential or the company may have to pay huge penalties and may be even asked to seize their licenses.

#4 Attain a Competitive Edge

Every entrepreneurial venture has to face competition and be capable enough of surviving it. To be better than the best is a non-stop race, for which innovation is the key. Continuously improving processes, having remarkable service standards, and developing new products before your competitors can, is achievable only with automation. Terms such as; augmented reality, data science, and artificial intelligence, are not just fancy words, but game-changing for many. Incorporating these latest technologies into your system can help the brand make headlines and earn the respect of first-mover advantage. Especially in a city like Dubai, where Digitalization is the number one agenda of the Government, companies need to invest in Smart Tech, to survive in the market.

#5 Improved In-House Capabilities

It is always more economical to produce in-house, rather than outsource the production. This way you can ensure the highest order of quality standards and not have to depend on any vendor to source your goods. In-house automation, though it may seem expensive in the short run, once you have achieved breakeven, it reduces the cost of production and leads to better Return on Investments (ROI). By doing this, the management team gains confidence in exploring new avenues and can experiment with the deliverables, to suit the needs of the customer and even cater to customization. In posh markets across the Middle East and GCC regions, clients are ready to pay a premium for signature collections & customized products, especially in the Luxury consumer segment. So, why not experiment?

The above pointers have proved to us how exciting automation is! Even our 21st-century kids are getting a whiff of Robotics and Automation in their classrooms, as the STEM curriculum (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) has made it mandatory for Institutes to familiarize children with the same. Robotify is one such platform that motivates children to learn about Robots through game-like programs and interesting modules such as; Axel’s Mars Adventure, Treasure Trove, Drone Park, Marine Biology Survey, and many more.

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Why Does Our Education System Focus on English Grammar? What is its Significance?

Why Does Our Education System Focus on English Grammar? What is its Significance?

Why Does Our Education System Focus on English Grammar? What is its Significance?

We were compelled to follow rules as kids that our parents and teachers imposed upon us. As we grew into adults, we became responsible and now abide by the rules of the Government. There are rules at workplaces and there’s a rule that even nature follows. Basically, the point is, rules are everywhere and everyone follows rules.

The English language also has some rules and that is the basis of Grammar. Using grammar makes words easy to comprehend and brings clarity to a conversation. Without grammar, there would be no backbone or say ‘a structure’ to a sentence. Grammar makes the world better and it helps us comprehend all that is around us! As William Safire, an American Author states, “Only in grammar can you be more than perfect.”

We communicate non-stop at home, in school, with neighbors and peers, so grammar becomes an essential part of our lives and we can’t escape it. An eloquent speaker is more self-confident and is able to express his thoughts without hesitation. When traveling to countries other than yours, say you are flying from the UAE to America, having your basic language skills strong will help you crack a business deal or understand the history & culture of the land better as a tourist.

Another advantage of having the proper reading, writing, and communicative skills comes in handy when opting for competitive exams. Have dreams of studying abroad? Well, then better read voraciously and up your vocabulary skills, as exams such as CAT, TOEFL, and IELTS demand good knowledge of the English language.

Here is a list of advantages that you can expect in return for being a Grammar Nazi;

#1 Understanding people better

When you are able to grasp the intentions behind the person’s words, it becomes easier to understand the sentiments of people better. It gets us closer as a community, as human beings and socially uplifts our standards. Sowing the seeds of lasting relationships is also convenient, thanks to dropping the barriers of language.

#2 Appreciate Art and Literature

Comprehending the complex verses of a play isn’t a big deal anymore if your vocabulary is in check. Big Box Office movies, documentaries, theatrical performances, and skits, in some way or another influence our minds and we learn a lot from them. Classic films such as; Gone With The Wind (1939), Casablanca (1942), and Lawrence of Arabia (1962) are a must-watch in your lifetime. Excellent novels available in bookstores across Dubai and other GCC areas are; The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway, The Giver by Lois Lowry, and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon. Quite popular in the UAE region, Alive Studios presents a unique concept of teaching conversational Grammar to kindergarten-going students through 3D animations. The experience is surreal and the classroom gets converted into a Zoo, where children get to interact with animals and learn Basic English skills. Now isn’t that innovative!

#3 Learning Other Languages is Simplified

Parts of speech, verbs, tenses, etc. are not only used in the English language but in other languages too. A foreign language like French uses tenses and verb moods to indicate the subject. Just like we have learned in English, the French equivalent to it is, ‘present’ stands for present tense, ‘imparfait’ is imperfect tense, ‘passé simple’ means simple past, ‘futur simple’ is simple future, and so on. We can see how closely the Grammar is correlated and thus many IB schools in the Middle East have an option for students to opt for French as a third language, besides, English and Arabic.

#4 Enhances Creativeness

If you have a flair for writing or want to be an educator, you can confidently opt for these career opportunities if you are well-versed in English. You can probably earn ‘name and fame’ by publishing a book, directing a film, being a news anchor, or writing beautiful music albums, all thanks to your enhanced English skills. What do you want to choose as a career option when you grow up?

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