All You Need for Teaching and Learning in One Platform
Schoology /skoo.luh.jee/—a learning management system (LMS) that has all the tools your institution needs to create engaging content, design lessons, and assess student understanding.
An LMS Students and Faculty Will Actually Use
Millions of students and faculty fall in love with our platform every year without any training. That’s because it’s designed with users in mind. Schoology incorporates the best of modern interfaces so it’s easy to learn and access relevant information on any device.

Design Engaging Courses and Lessons in a Snap

We make it easy to build courses that leverage new and existing content. Instructors can quickly create media-¬rich lessons, reuse their past courses, and even embed content from Google Drive, Microsoft Office, YouTube, and countless other web tools.

Individualize Instruction
Pace and track students individually.

Connect them in collaborative groups. Differentiate, flip, or blend instruction. Schoology makes it easier to identify student needs and guide them down the learning paths that are right for them.

Easily Grade Student Work

Grading and annotating an entire class’s work is a breeze on Schoology. Our grading tools enable instructors to access their students’ work, easily switch between submissions, provide written and video feedback, and record grades in one fell swoop.

Track Student Performance and Engagement

Our course analytics and student mastery reporting track student engagement and performance against pre¬loaded standards (Common Core, NGSS, etc.) and custom learning objectives. This data enables faculty to make well¬-informed decisions and even provide instant feedback after a test or quiz.

Keep Students Engaged

Students love Schoology because it’s designed like the technologies they like to use outside of class. They become more invested in learning through online discussions, sharing their ideas via videos and images, and simply engaging in a safe, moderated online environment.

The Only LMS with Collaboration Built In

Schoology connects everyone on the same network to boost communication and sharing in the classroom, across the institution, and around the world.

Communicate Systemwide Instantly

Use your LMS to communicate with students, faculty, parents, and other shareholders all at once with mass updates, in­-platform messages, mobile notifications, and more.

Switch on Student Engagement

Schoology keeps students engaged because it’s similar to the technologies they love to use outside the classroom. We enable them to be active participants in a moderated classroom community that encourages collaboration, discussion, and creativity—which is just how they like it.

Connect Your Faculty in One Network

Schoology enables faculty to create and join groups that foster a sense of community and increase collaboration across the institution. Group content libraries simplify the sharing of instructional resources and enable faculty to add them to their courses instantly.

Your Own Global PLC

Schoology is the only LMS with a vibrant professional learning community (PLC) built in rather than tacked on. There’s no better vehicle for supporting faculty than a global network of innovators, thought leaders, and instructional coaches ready to help anytime, 365 days a year.
Public Groups
Collaborative spaces pre­built and open to Schoology users around the world.
Public Resources
A massive library of user-­generated lessons, assignments, assessments, and more.

Simply the Best Mobile App

Expand teaching and learning beyond the classroom with an app that connects students and faculty anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Grade on the Go

Grading homework isn’t such a hassle when instructors can quickly view, annotate, and grade all their class’s submissions in one fell swoop anytime, anywhere.
Grade More Efficiently
We consolidate your students’ work with an easy-­to-­use grader so you can better manage revisions, swipe between submissions, and filter them by what’s late and what’s on time.
Mobile Grading Rubrics
Our rubrics make it easy to assess student performance against learning objectives and communicate feedback on each criteria. 
Annotations and Feedback
Our mobile annotations and submission comments are perfect for providing students with written and video feedback via your tablet or smartphone.

Assess Student Understanding

Our robust mobile app provides instructors with a full set of tools for assessing student understanding from online testing to graded discussions.

Turn Student Data into Action

The ability to make more informed decisions using data and analytics is a key benefit for using any LMS. Schoology goes even further to help you turn that data into tangible results at the course, school, and district levels.

Mastery Learning Built In

We make it easy to track student progress against pre­loaded standards—e.g., Common Core and NGSS—and custom learning objectives to quickly identify gaps in learning. Armed with this insight and our flexible teaching tools, instructors can tailor learning accordingly.

Provide Instant Feedback

Our test and quiz analytics are perfect for quick response formative assessments. Schoology provides instructors with immediate results so they can quickly provide targeted feedback to their students and tailor the day’s lesson to what their students actually know.

Your Fast Track to Insight

Your time is precious, so our analytics are designed to pull deep insights to the surface and help you make sense of student engagement and performance data at a glance.

Get a Jump on District Trends

Our analytics make it easy to see student and faculty trends throughout your district. Schoology tracks student engagement at the individual, course, school, and district levels, so you have the hard data you need to develop well-informed district strategies.

Connect Everything Seamlessly

Schoology takes the challenge out of integration, so you can connect all your apps, content, and systems easier than ever before. And when all your tools are woven seamlessly into one platform with Schoology at the center, your whole institution will run more smoothly.

Use All Your Content

You provide your faculty with great content from McGraw Hill, CK­12, and other publishers. So why not give them a way to really make the most of it? With Schoology, faculty can access and use all their LTI, QTI, Common Cartridge, and SCORM compliant content seamlessly within a single platform.

Automatic SIS Synchronization

Time is a precious resource, especially in education where data must constantly be transferred between the LMS, SIS, and other systems. We automate data provisioning and grade passback between your systems to save you time, eliminate frustrating transfers, and ensure data consistency across the board.
Discover new applications to engage students and increase productivity via our built­-in app marketplace. Just choose your app and start using it immediately. It’s that easy.

Import.Export. It’s Up to You.

Import and export features ensure you have full control over all of your data and content. You can do with it what you will. We simply provide the space and tools that help 

An Open Playground for Developers

Every institution has different needs, and Schoology’s API allows them to build custom solutions that are right for them. No matter what tools you are using today or in the future, you can be sure that our open platform will play well with them.

Schoology AMP supports assessments across your district Common formative assessments

Enable collaboration among teachers and PLCs and give them the data needed for continuous improvement. Schoology AMP helps educators answer the critical question of “How do we know that students are learning?”

Common interim & benchmark assessments

Make sure your students are on track for curriculum scope & sequence. Schoology AMP provides insight into student learning at key points throughout a school year, helping teachers and leaders ensure all students are on track.

Common summative assessment

Implement assessments that allow educator groups to know if subject matter was consistent across the district based on learning objectives. Measuring whether or not learning actually occurred as expected allows instructional leaders to identify gaps and gains in both curriculum and instruction

Assessment management & learning in the same platform

Everyone can use their existing logins, take common assessments in their same courses, and get insight out of the same system you already use and love.

Common assessments should happen where learning happens

Schoology AMP lets you easily manage and distribute common assessments directly into courses, ensuring alignment between assessment and instruction.

Collaboratively build common assessments with your team

Schoology AMP allows you to create teams within a department to collaboratively build question banks and assessments.

Capture high quality data


Collaboratively build assessments or use professionally authored item content


Easily push out common assessments to multiple sections/classes in order to collect reliable data across classes


Deliver an experience integrated right within your favorite LMS (e.g. same login, same student experience, same team, etc.)

Access &analyze insights


Make sure tests and items meet your quality standards and adapt as you review assessment data


Get valuable district-wide insight about student performance


Give insights to the right people to mprove instruction and district performance as a whole

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