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When one talks about the subject Math, students often associate it with negative connotations such as being ‘boring’ or ‘difficult’. However, to change this preconceived notion, Mathletics is on a mission to make math learning an ‘engaging’ and ‘rewarding’ experience for school students. Have a read through the Blog to learn more about ways to decode important Math lessons for your little learners by using Mathletics.

The Importance of Mathematics in Our Lives

There’s a lot of complex information around us that our brains need to constantly process. Math helps children develop analytical skills and encourages them to practice logical thinking. Studies from Stanford University reveal that students who solve math problems daily have higher logical skills than those who don’t make such efforts. Moreover, developing the skills to reason correctly helps children become better problem-solvers. Being able to solve a mathematics problem, can inculcate the habit of solving life-problems more easily. Lastly, the Principals of math are applicable in almost every profession and are not just limited to scientists & mathematicians.

What is Mathletics?

Mathletics is an engaging online Math program designed for classrooms and home learning purpose for students of all grades. Children start with the basics and move to more difficult problems as they advance in school. The activities are curated to challenge the child’s thought-process, problem-solving capabilities, & reasoning skills, all through the course. To motivate these enthusiastic math learners further, a certificate is awarded and points are added to the child’s scoreboard.   

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Integrating Mathletics in School Curriculum

Just as it is brain wrecking for children to grasp the concepts of math, it is equally challenging for teachers to come up with new and interesting ways to drive the ‘theory’ home. This is where Mathletics comes handy. The fact that over 2,00,000 teachers endorse Mathletics to support their math teaching, is a testament to the credibility of this e-learning Math platform.

  • Simplified lesson planning: The teacher is able to deliver the lessons seamlessly without having to spend much time in preparing for it, as the tool has pre-defined teaching aids in sync with the existing school curriculum. Teachers can even benchmark the lesson plans and assign from over 700+ activities to match the learning needs of students.
  • Tracking the learner’s progress: Teachers can easily track their student’s progress in grasping math skills taught in class. They can even get a bird’s eye view of the performance of the entire class and thereafter design learning lessons to match the pace of the students.
  • Personalized learning: Using data reports and analytics, teachers are in a better position to gauge the progress of every child in class and increase or decrease the level of ‘Math task’ assigned to the child to make sure he is aligned on the path of progress and not stuck on a particular chapter for too long.

Online Math Studies for Easy Home Learning

Parents play an equally important role by partnering with the school to encourage their children to develop Math acumen. Understanding the needs of working parents, Mathletics introduced the home-based math learning platform for students to comfortably learn concepts like ‘integers’ and ‘ratios’ at home. Especially during the current Covid pandemic scenario, it becomes easier for parents to allocate productive screen time for their children by motivating them to solve math exercises, rather than wasting time on social media platforms.

  • Home-based math curriculum: The math lessons are designed by experienced educators so that children can have high-quality learning of the subject at home, as taught in school. The app offers flexibility to modify the learning schedule from over hundreds of hours’ worth of content.
  • Reliable tutoring: Students without having to go anywhere can interact with a tutor from their tabs and get their queries answered. Parents can keep a track of the progress that child has made on the ‘task’ or ‘math games’ assigned by the tutor.
  • Introducing Math to Early Learners: Through interesting math games and engaging videos, your little pre-schoolers are introduced to numbers in a systematic manner. Parents indeed feel a sense of pride when their tiny-tots perform their first ‘addition’ and ‘subtraction’ on the Mathletics app.

Mathletics keeps students engaged with mathematics. Watch as your child progresses from basic level math to becoming certified champions. Over 3 million students around the world using the Mathletics platform to enhance their math skills and we hope your child is one of them!  

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