Matatalab Case Study

Al Ittihad Private School Jumeriah – Elementary Section

How many kids are there in a group?

Students worked in groups of up two to five students.

How was the Matatalab robot (s) used?

Students were allowed to explore the resources and robots in their groups first. Then they were given the challenge cards, and the teachers gave additional challenges linked to the maps.

What skill did you develop?

Students developed collaboration and cooperative learning skills, while problem solving. Students’ creativity and innovation was enhanced through the various activities. Matatalab also promoted dialogue with students debating, discussing, and reasoning.

What worked best and what was challenging?

The robots were highly engaging, particularly for students who are often disengaged and less motivated in the classroom. The experience was hands-on and encouraged exploration. It was a unique opportunity to integrate technology into the classroom while developing students’ problem solving. Covid restrictions posed a slight challenge as the activities were done in groups. Some students performed better than others. Also, some of the music cards were not culturally appropriate for our students (Jingle Bells). In addition, the volume of the robot was too low when used in a classroom; the students could not hear the music.

How did students respond?

Students were motivated and engaged by this experience. All students who had the opportunity to take part completed tasks enthusiastically.

What is the favorite function for the students?

The students thoroughly enjoyed solving the challenges through the cards.

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