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Visible Body Suite offers 3D visual anatomy, physiology, and biology pathology content on the web and provides mobile access to anatomy content. Compare plans to how different license fits classroom, lab, or school needs.


Visible Body Courseware offers our full suite of 3D anatomy, physiology, pathology, and biology content as well as LMS integration and the ability to create dynamic lessons, assignments, and assessments. See purchasing guide.

Multiple Languages

It’s easy to set your device to a preferred language! Most of the content is available in French, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, and Chinese. Unlike other visual reference products that require re-launching to move between languages, you can switch between languages with a quick click or tap. We also have Latin terms associated with every structure.

3 Main Benefits of Visible Body

  1. Ease of use. Visible Body’s 3D models are easy to zoom, rotate, and dissect. No need to dig around for information, all users have to do is select a structure to view its definition, pronunciation, and related content.
  2. Medical accuracy. Our content is developed by an in-house biomedical visualization team and editorial team who work with outside reviewers to ensure accuracy. Learn more about our process here.
  3. System friendly. Works on multiple devices. Access Visible Body via the web on PCs and Macs, large touch screens in classrooms and labs, and via apps on iOs (iPhones and iPads) and Android devices.


Comparison chart: how Visible Body compares to 3D4 Medical/Elsevier Complete Anatomy.

Pricing Options

  1. Annual Subscription: paid annually. Price is based on relevant FTE (full time enrollment)/the number of faculty and students who will use Visible Body at the institution. See your company’s Visible Body pricing sheet.
  2. Multi-year Subscription: Institutions pay a one-time fee up front. Similar to a perpetual license with the following differences: Institution gets all product updates (several per year) License runs for a set amount of time, anywhere from 2-10 years.

Set up a Trial, Get a Quote & Get Started

To set up a trial, follow these quick steps:

  1. Send the institution name and IP address(es) to
  2. The VB Team will send the trial instructions to you.
  3. Send instructions and videos on how to get started with VB Suite.
  4. Find faculty to use the Visible Body trial.

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