An all-encompassing Integrated School Management Platform for our Bright Torchbearers

Technology is playing a key role in every aspect of our lives today. The same applies to the educative space. In recent times, schools are levelling-up to match the competencies of the ‘corporate world’ by introducing new & improved ‘digital solutions’ for data management and learning.

There is no doubt about the fact that ‘digital software’ is creating better learning environments for students by complimenting the teaching efforts of the educators. An e-classroom is well-equipped to answer every question that the inquisitive learners wish to know about.

Many schools are looking for solutions that are not only limited to the learning aspect, but also cover the entire gamut of responsibilities that schools have at hand. To address this growing need, The Knowledge Hub has introduced the NextLearingPlatform with an aim to positively transform the dimensions of the K-12 ecosystem.

What exactly is the NextLearingPlatform?

NextLearingPlatform is a powerful combination of school management system, course management system, adaptive learning technology and award-winning content system, that takes care of all academic and administrative needs of the school. In simple words, it is everything and beyond, that a school requires to function seamlessly.

Next learning Platform features

A brief on each of the ‘four’ core areas of focus:

ERP: The routine administrative work like attendance, staff payroll, managing timetables, and scheduling fees can be automated with the use of this ERP platform. Important student records and admission documents can be retrieved from the system at the click of a button, thus going paperless and reducing the burden of having to carefully store physical files. This enables administrators to focus on the smooth functioning of the school while demonstrating efficiency, cost-saving, and ingenuity.

Learning Management System: The entire annual course plan for various subjects and extra-curricular activities is easily incorporated via this tool. Predefining the teaching plan well in advance helps the educators focus on innovative classroom delivery, rather than spending time on planning what lesson to teach next, a day before its delivery. Even students have an easy access to the learning aids taught in class on their phones or tabs, while they are at home. Being an interactive platform, students can get their queries addressed anytime and from anywhere.

Next Review: To test the student’s critical thinking abilities, the tool has an in-built customizable ‘assessment’ process in place. Educators can upload a bank of open-ended and multiple-choice questions to evaluate the child’s knowledge about the topic taught in school. To further automate the process, the ERP system allows teachers to feed in a one-time grading system, on basis of which an auto-computed score is shared with the child at the end of the assignment. The grading helps the students to be aware of their strengths & weaknesses, and focus on continuous improvement.

Next Education Courseware: To support the teacher in generating learning aids and innovative teaching concepts, the tool makes available a bank of ‘content’ that is created by professional ‘academic curriculum planners’. The fact that it is already being used by over 12,000+ schools, is a testament to the credibility of the Award-Winning content strategy provided by this platform.

What value does the NextlearningPlatform provide to different stakeholders?

All the major stakeholders of the K-12 school directly or indirectly benefit and are linked seamlessly by this AI multi-dimensional platform.


Allows educators to schedule and conduct ‘Live lectures’ remotely. Especially in the current scenario, where the world has to maintain ‘physical distance’, the Next Learning Platform provides an excellent solution to create a classroom-like ‘learning experience’ at home. Also, the automated lesson-planning comes handy and reduces the burden of teachers to prepare lengthy ‘teaching materials’ for children. By clicking on the appropriate class, teachers get an overview of the cumulative performance record and individualized score of each child in a real-time.


The head Principal of the school gets a bird’s eye view of progress of students and the effectiveness of curriculum delivery by teachers, simply by logging into the portal from their handheld devices.


The pace of learning for every child could be different. Through the Next Learning Platform, it is easier for students to learn at their own speed, as they have full access to digital content and recorded classroom sessions undertaken by the subject-specific teacher. Students can even get their queries clarified and upload their projects & assignments digitally.


To ease the tension of a worrisome parent, the ERP solution integrates a real-time instant notification service, where parents get an email or SMS as soon as the child has been assigned with any homework. Parents can even access the progress report of the child and communicate freely with teachers & admin staff without having to take leave from work to attend a meeting in school.

Schools that have welcomed innovation by integrating the Next Learning Platform already have an edge over the other institutions and are witnessing immense benefits by eliminating human error and improving efficiencies.

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