It has always been challenging to teach students the core subject areas such as Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. Our STEM Labs offers intensive fun-filled programs for children.

Our hands-on learning and environmental education provide an enlightening way for students to get interested and involved in this subject matter. We are dedicated to fostering the learning of hands-on STEM concepts to children in the UAE.

A variety of programs

Our STEM/STEAM labs come up with a variety of programs designed for children from kindergarten to high school. We understand the importance of learning science concepts for children that can be applied to situations in real life.

We at Knowledge Hub offer many programs for schools including the After School Activities, In-School Workshops & Field Trips, and STEM Camps.

The available programs concentrate on the core STEM subjects and are structured to educate children in a fun and engaging manner. STEM for Kids concepts enriching and assisting learning in school.

We help children in developing critical skills such as

  • Communication: Develop the skills to interpret the context and listen to others effectively
  • Collaboration:Working together with others and doing better as a team or in pairs
  • Critical Thinking: Creation of the opportunity to view things differently and find ways toimprove on what was done previously
  • Creativity: Build innovative and unique concepts using creativity

Our STEM approaches:

  • Innovation Centres
  • STEM+ Studios
  • School Fablabs
  • Design & Technology Labs
  • STEAM Clubs

The main objective is STEM labs are providing knowledge to the students on a different scientific concept and helps in developing creativity, innovation, and decision-making skills.

We’d be pleased to communicate with schools and learning institutions about our service.

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