Classroom alive !

The High-Quality, Zoo-Themed Learning Experience

ELA | Math | STEM | Social – Emotional

What is Classrooms alive?

Classrooms alive is a full suite of our super-engaging, interactive 3D supplemental resources for making your early literacy and math instruction come alive! Whether you need behavior management and kindergarten-readiness for Pre-K, or focused engagement and higher outcomes for Kindergarten, Classrooms alive magically delivers.

Our unique and patented resources facilitate social learning through collaborative and interactive technology. Your students will be filled with joy and giggles as they go on a teacher-led imaginative zoo adventure throughout the school year! Classrooms alive is evidence-based, aligned to State Standards, and is also very effective for ELL, Special Education, STEM, and Social Emotional Learning.

Who’s it for?

PreK and K Instruction | 1st – 2nd grade Intervention
All ages for ELL and Special Education

What does Classrooms alive include?

Learning alive™ Zoo Keeper Edition

ELA and Math Supplemental Curriculum Suite with three bonus Interactive Stories

Rugs alive™

12’x7’6” Classroom rug with animals that come alive with 3D mobile app (choose between oval or rectangle)

Journals alive™

Two Classroom 20-Packs with letters, numbers, shapes, and animals that come alive with 3D mobile app

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