Introducing coding activities in schools enables children to establish the building blocks of computational thinking. It is one of the effective ways to build essential 21st-century skills.

The Coding Solutions at Knowledge Hub introduces students to the basics of block coding. It also introduces the concepts, logic, and variables – all crucial factors of complex technical skills like coding.

In addition, students will be able to apply the concepts they have learned to code to create games, functions and more.

Our coding solutions allow students to think outside the box and innovate. They inculcate the career readiness skills that are very crucial in today’s highly competitive working environment.

How our coding solutions help students

In general, computer science is associated with computer screens and coding programs. But our programs are designed for to visualize core computer science concepts through hands-on learning. Students can take advantage of our specially designed code kits to practice creating programs as well as to learn some of the essential career readiness skills.


Instills computational thinking.

  • Our solutions are designed to instill the computational skills, the way the computers think and speak, in the students.
  • They help students analyze and understand the problems, identify patterns and predict the solutions.

Enhances Creativity

  • The above-mentioned problem-solving skills need blasts of creativity. This is particularly true when coding games or multimedia related things.
  • Our solutions encourage the students to be creative when analyzing, designing and when writing the code.

Builds excellence

  • Our solutions encourage students to find the hundreds of solutions a problem can have – worst to the best possible ones.
  • Coding is not merely about writing lines. We teach students about the resource usage, improve loop, speed, scalability and clarity.

Logic abilities

  • Our solutions are designed to incredibly develop the logical thinking abilities in the students.
  • Using our teaching methods, students are no longer scared of the expressions like “if A and if not B or C”.
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