Complete K-12ICT, STEM, Robotics Curriculum for American, IB, UK and CBSE Schools

Students need instruction, guidance, and support to close skill gaps and master foundational skills. At Knowledge Hub, we offer interactive learning solutions for all schools – American, IB, UK and CBSE with curriculum relevant materials and learning resources.

Our solutions are designed with interactive tools to ignite the love of learning. For each curriculum a school follows, we have solutions that offer extra help to motivate and engage students to acquire those 21stcentury skills.Our solutions are designed based on the school’s standards and the type of curriculum they have.

Our solutions provide schools with paramount flexibility when it comes to resources they utilize in their schools. Our curriculum solutions ensure that schools have the appropriate resources depending on their need and technological feasibility.

Teacher trainings

Knowledge Hub’s curriculum solutions are valuable for teachers as well. Our learning solutions give teachers engaging tools they can use to help students build career readiness skills.

Through The Knowledge Hub’s comprehensive and research-based curriculum solutions, educators have substantial resources to explore and more opportunities to enrich their teaching.

Customized solutions

All our age-appropriate learning solutions are customized to support students with meaningful learning and application. Our solutions are proven to increase learning abilities of students through the interactive learning activities. Here’s how we customize a solution.

  • Assess – We gather insight into what students know and what can be achieved by doing assessments.
  • Practical learning solutions – Based on the assessment, we offer personalized, flexible ways of learning that engage students and motivate them to succeed.
  • Individualized learning – Each student is automatically assigned an individualized learning path designed to fill gaps and attain mastery.
  • Prepare for future – Our innovative curriculum is designed to prepare students for college, career and real-life scenarios.
  • Professional development for teachers – Our solutions are designed as ongoing training and coaching to improve educator effectiveness.

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