Meet Matatalab Hands-on Coding Robots

Matatalab_ for schools
Matatalab_ for schools

For School

Educational Coding Robot Sets

Bring Matatalab to your classroom
Apply Matatalab in Pre-school, kindergarten, primary school

For Home

Entry-level CoCoding Set

Home Edition
Hands-on Coding Robot Set for Homeding Robot Sets

Integrate Coding into Different Subjects

Bring Coding into Your Classroom

Comprehensive STEAM Learning Solution

Innovative teaching robots, standard-aligned curricula, activities, and professional development

Matalab_ classroom-design


Aligned with CSTA, ISTE, NGSS, multiple languages version

Matatalab_ for schools

Professional Development

Self-guided courses, virtual learning and on-site workshops

Matatalab_ for schools


Easily integrate coding into different subject areas
Matatalab_ for schools

Teaching Robot

Educational robot sets, versatile add-ons and accessories

Matatalab_ for schools

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