Engage Early Learners Through Playful Math Activities

Mathematics is one of the subjects that needs a proper foundation from an early age. This allows for a systematic integration of the key concepts in different grade levels as the child progresses further.

Let us introduce a formidable tool that becomes a part of the child’s life and lends a hand to their understanding of math concepts. ABC Mathseeds, for kids aged 3-9 years old, teaches the core math and problem skills that are needed to be successful in the mastery of tough concepts.

To keep the children engaged with the lessons and supply them with the motivation to learn the concepts, Mathseeds utilizes highly structured lessons coupled with a reward system to induce the curiosity and satisfaction of children.

The best part of this service? As is the normality in this day and age, Mathseeds is available to be used both on a tablet and a computer, ensuring that your young one can continue to learn their favorite math concepts at a location of their choosing, be it in the car or when they are most active.

Why Is Mathseeds So Effective?

This service incorporates certain key features to captivate young learners. One such feature is the reward system. Children will find it difficult to understand the concepts if they do not find something that drives them to learn.

At the end of every lesson, learners are rewarded with a cute baby e-pet that is based on the current map that the learner is on. At the end of each map (5 lessons), a quiz tests the knowledge learned and enables the child to revise the key learning points of that concept. If the child passes this quiz, they can print out an achievement certificate to celebrate their accomplishment. When the learner completes lessons and activities, they receive golden acorns that can be spent on items for their treehouse and avatar.

Structure of Lesson

The lesson begins with an animation that is led by one or more of the main characters. The concept is introduced in a manner that is entertaining, yet it retains the educational element that is most needed. The concept in the lesson is then consolidated by 9 activities – these activities are designed to present the content in different ways so that the children have multiple ways of understanding a single concept. This allows the children to use and apply each skill in a variety of situations.


At the end of a lesson, learners are able to access an e-book that reinforces the concept taught. This book makes sure to teach the language of math to children in an entertaining way. Children can either read the book independently or follow along while this book is narrated to them.


Mathseeds has a robust teaching framework that utilize the curiosity and winning qualities of children in order to deliver structured content that is both entertaining and educational.

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