Lecture Capturing

Lecture capturing is the process of recording a classroom lecture. The lecture capture program lets you record video presentations and stream video in any device without any hardware box.

Lecture capture programs allow students to listen to recorded lectures so they can understand the material better to succeed.

Our program provides a unique learning management system that blends industry-leading video with communication software and analytics to improve student success measurably.

Key points of Lecture Capture

  • Capture and offer the highest quality educational video on an instructor-friendly platform.
  • Make learning involved with interaction and peer-to-peer networking resources before, during and after the class.
  • Provide learning outcomes and conflict with student learning habits early.
  • Document lectures to provide students with access to their studies on demand and promote diverse learning styles in a diverse student body.
  • Share knowledge before and after school, facilitating more live communication and discussion during class, increasing the overall comprehension of course material for students.

We use software with digital metrics which provides an instructor with real-time exposure to LMS information. Everything is automated and continuously updated.

Both hardware and software-based systems can be used to record lectures. Lecture capture hardware is an appliance-based platform for capturing and/or streaming presentations, activities, and lectures physically in a classroom. Lecture capture software allows you to record video presentations and stream video content on any device without any hardware box.

Our program allows you to practice at your own speed, making practicing lectures and other course materials as easy as you need. There are other uses of our program:


  • Develops interaction.
  • Extended training
  • Disciplinary collaboration
  • Personalized content
  • Language learning

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