A Literacy Game Changer – myON reader:

RenaissancemyONReader™ is a student-centered, personalized literacy program that offer unlimited access to thousands of enhanced digital books. Titles are dynamically matched to each individual student’s interests, grade and Lexile® reading level. Theyarecombinedwithasuiteofliteracytoolsandembeddedsupportsthatfosterengagement and achievement. myON® provides:

Authentic texts

Access to over 5,000 enhanced digital books

Unlimited Access

Available 24/7 online and offline

World-wide readers

Over 7 million students reading world-wide

Literacy toolkit

Close reading tools including highlighter, sticky notes, literacy emojis, and much more

Personalized learning

Ability to match students with the right book atthe right Lexile reading level, based on their interests

The joy of reading meets curriculum support

Within myON Reader, teachers can assign reading, writing and robust projects to support curriculum and differentiate instruction. As students work within the platform using text-highlighting, taking notes, journaling and writing, teachers can monitor student work, provide support and differentiate instruction as needed.

Unparalleled content

Our personalized literacy environment includes enhanced digital texts in both fiction and non-fiction. Optional reading supports and a suite of reading and writing tools foster deep connections to the text—all available on the same digital platform.

Measuring what matters Real-time data provided:


Monitor Reading Activity:

books opened, books finished, titles chosen, time spent reading.


Measure Growth:

individually through Lexile® benchmark, optional book quizzes.

Set Goals:

Motivated learners read more frequently and for longer periods of time. Educators can set goals for 14 different data measurements and see a student’s progression to that goal.
The Student Profile includes at-a-glance information on individual student reading activity within Renaissance myON® Reader. Students can access their own profiles within their accounts and educators can print and share with families.

The student profile includes:

Reading metrics

Reflects time spent reading, books completed, words read and when reading occurs.

Most recent books read:

Visual book cover images of the last 6 books read by the student.

Lexile® information:

Student’s current Lexile reading level displayed as well as time spent reading below, on-target, and above their Lexile reading level.

Reading interests:

A snapshot of the types of books the student typically reads. Percentage of nonfiction vs. fiction and top 5 categories read.


Recognizing outstanding student reading achievement each day in a variety of ways.

Quiz question:

Includes a quiz question answered from a book the student read.

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