Tracking Every Learner’s Progress in Classrooms Through School Monitoring Systems

Tracking Every Learner’s Progress in Classrooms Through School Monitoring Systems

Tracking Every Learner’s Progress in Classrooms Through School Monitoring Systems

Exams are an inevitable part of every student’s learning journey at school. Regular formal or informal assessments are vital to understand the efficiency of the teaching-learning process and determine whether the goals of education are being met. Moreover, students get a chance to improve their grades, based on the regular feedback given by the subject teacher.  

In the advent of the current digital transformation, schools are opting for ERP modules to manage day-to-day activities and make calculated decisions based on a data-driven approach. The Next Learning Platform is an effective ERP software adopted by schools across the globe, including Dubai in the Middle East, to enhance operations. One of its modules is the School Analytics software, which gives deep insights into the school’s performance at different levels and the individual student’s performance at the classroom level.  

Through this blog, we aim to highlight a few benefits that are linked to effective monitoring, to both students and educators by using the school monitoring system.    

This is How School ERP Systems help to analyze student’s performance: 

Digitalizing Examinations:

Mostschool ERP software offers a module that allows institutes to conduct online exams in a fair and vigilant manner. Digitalizing the examination process is also convenient to the educator as the test paper is auto-generated from the question bank available on the system basis of the school’s board – ICSE, CBSE, IB. Since the answers are attempted by children using their laptops, the test answer papers are stored on the cloud and there are no chances of mishandling, misplacement, or damage. Even the grading process is streamlined, as the marking system is pre-fed into the system by the subject teacher and so the software is capable of grading the sheets when the correct ‘objective answer’ matches the answer on the model answer sheet.  

Assignment Management:

Besides the scheduled quarterly examinations, students also have to attempt a number of internal assignments given to them as homework. Ideally, immediately after completion of important topics or concepts taught in class, an assignment is given to the students, to test their level of understanding. Educators can send assignments at the click of a button from anywhere and students have the liberty to complete it from their homes. The software captures important details like; whether the assignment was submitted on time, how many correct answers did the student manage to attempt, and what section of the assignment was difficult for the students to cope with. Hence with the help of a good assessment management system, educators are in a position to give timely feedback to students and extend help if required.  

Generating Reports:

As soon as the child steps into an educational institute, one has to maintain academic records until he or she leaves the school. Manually managing these records is an extremely tedious task and report files may not stay in the proper condition through the years. Hence, ERP systems such as NLP, take the onus of maintaining digital records of exams, assessments, projects, and any other activity to which the school decides to assign grades. These records are useful in guiding students by analyzing graphs. The student knows where he stands in terms of consistency of performance, or whether he is performing well only in certain subjects like; Science and Language, but poorly in Math and History.

Notification To Parents:  

Not only do students receive feedback on time, but parents too are kept in the loop thanks to the digital process. That means there is no more hiding of grades and bad remarks from parents! There is utmost transparency and the automated notification system reveals the student’s attendance, grades, internal assessment marks, and remarks or comments by school authorities via an email or SMS system. Also, parents need not have to wait until an open-day session is scheduled by the school to learn about their child’s academic progress and disciplinary behavior in school.   

The above-listed points are just the icing on the cake, there are many more benefits of monitoring learners’ progress through an ERP system. For collaborations with The Next Learning Platform in UAE and GCC Regions, visit our website.

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Essentials Skills Required to Be A Successful Programmer

Essentials Skills Required to Be A Successful Programmer

Essentials Skills Required to Be A Successful Programmer 

Besides knowledge of coding, does the programmer need any skills to be good at his job? Computer programming is a profession that demands a lot from the professional and not just good knowledge of coding. The coder has to be able to understand the exact requirements of teams and therefore he needs to have effective communication skills, and so on. Technical skills and soft skills go hand in hand. Here are some skills that could complement your knowledge of coding and make you better at your task:   

Problem Solving Skills  

Even a small ‘bug’ can hamper the functioning of the program. The programmer should be quick in identifying the problem, so the first step to solving any ‘bug’ is identifying that it exists. No matter how grave or easy the problem might be, problem-solving is an integral part of software development. A good developer always finds the best solution and the most viable one, after weighing various options. Problem-solving skills evolve as the developer practices them over & over again, and also uses his past experience and applies it to solving new problems.  


Managing Deliverables on Time 

It goes without saying, for any job role there are project timelines and deadlines which need to be adhered to. The same applies to the role of a software coder. It is advisable for coders to make a priority list and focus on the most important tasks first, to proceed with the project in an orderly manner. Real-time analytics will help the developer stay focused and stick to the schedule effortlessly.  

Being a Team Player  

Apps and robotic innovations are put together by a team and not an individual alone. Each person is assigned a role depending on his level of expertise and experience. Therefore, the coder is expected to be in sync with the team and coordinate effectively to realize the goals of the project. If you are a senior developer, there will be many juniors or inexperienced coders working under you. As a leader and a guide, the senior person needs to be sensitive enough to answer questions that might be asked by subordinate coders and pass on the knowledge to others.  

An eye for Detail  

Computer languages like C and C++ are complex and require undivided attention to write them. However, no matter how simple or difficult the coding language is, it is the responsibility of the coder to keep his eye on detailing. Paying attention helps avoid any mistake in the very initial stages so that later time and resources are not wasted in trying to find the ‘bug’ and solve the problem. A habit of ‘attention to detailing’ helps one keep an eye on semicolons, spacing, brackets, and other formatting details that affect the code’s execution.  


A Patient Approach  

Coding can be very frustrating and complex at times and hence keeping a calm mind and being patient is necessary. If you get overworked and try to rush things up, it might lead to errors and unnecessary back-and-forth, which is uncalled for. Ultimately you are dealing with a machine and sometimes there may be technical glitches that need to be tended to.   

LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime set is the go-to STEAM learning solution for secondary school graders, to practice critical thinking, analyzing data, and prototyping, which are skills required for the 21st century. Children make use of Scratch- and Python-based coding languages and therefore get familiarized with the tasks performed by coders in an office set-up while applying their skills. Lessons under LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime platform are even included by schools in their learning syllabus across the IB culture curriculum, especially in Dubai and UAE regions. If you want to learn more about LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime and wish to subscribe to it in GCC regions or anywhere else in the Middle East, simply visit our website

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Audio Enabled E-Readers Help Struggling Readers Gain More Confidence

Audio Enabled E-Readers Help Struggling Readers Gain More Confidence

Audio Enabled E-Readers Help Struggling Readers Gain More Confidence

Are you worried about your child’s reading skills? Does your child often make excuses to escape reading time and instead call his friends over to play? Sometimes children are not confident enough to pick up a book and read because they are embarrassed not being able to read correctly and unable to answer questions at the end of the story. Observe this avoidant behavior, and rather than forcing your child to read a book end-to-end, let’s help him find ways to make reading a more enjoyable experience.

Trendy E-Reading Platform

For the digital-savvy generation, an e-reading platform is a convenient option. One doesn’t need to visit a book store and spend money on buying the ‘current bestseller’ title, as the e-reader stores 1000s of eBooks across different genres, on your preferred device. You can read while being on the move, because it’s easy to fit the phone or an iPad device in your purse, thereby giving you an option to read any book at any time, to match your mood and level of interest.


E-Reading Benefits to Students

Unlike the physical copy, which could be mishandled with scratches and dog ears on the pages, the e-reader is a more sought-after option. The font of the eBook can be increased, to avoid strain on your little learner’s eyes and thereby eliminating chances of irritable mood while reading. Many e-readers can be personalized, according to the reader’s preferences.

The Renaissance myON® Reader is a popular e-reading tool, preferred by mums & educators all across the world, especially in the Middle East, including Dubai. What’s special about the myON® Reader, is that it is extremely student-friendly and provides a personalized experience to the readers. myON®’s pool of library is expansive and covers over 6,000 student-appropriate eBooks. This intelligent reader offers recommendations of book titles based on the individual student’s interest, class grade, and Lexile® reading level. Even a non-reader, is encouraged to read, thanks to the additional support offered by myON® Reader. One such interesting support function is the neutral-voice audio tool that spotlights word-by-word text, thereby making it easier for the listener to focus on the story and comprehend the passage. Learn more about the Renaissance myON® Reader by visiting our website and subscribing to it in GCC regions around the UAE.


Voice Activated Audio Reader Benefits Struggling Readers:

As mentioned above, children may find it difficult to read due to various reasons. Some of the deterrents include; having limited vocabulary, minimal English language skills, suffering from various learning difficulties like dyslexia, or being unable to associate sounds to the appropriate letter. Here’s how an audio reader can assist the learners when they find reading as a herculin task for them;

Helps Improve Vocabulary  

Having an audio feature enables the person to listen to the recording of the story in the book, instead of reading the book. Hearing new words during the story, can help increase the student’s vocabulary and comprehension skills. Vocabulary enrichment enhances the child’s speaking, writing, and thinking skills. Also, students learn the correct pronunciation and are inducted to a refined way of mastering the language. 

Better Understanding of the Story  

Research proves that when you listen to a story, one gets more imaginative and is better able to derive the meaning from the story. The child’s brain creates different visual images which helps him connect the scenes, and weave them into the story. On the contrary, when one reads, the brain is more focusing on the words and trying to decode the text, which may sometimes distract the child from the main plot.  

A Boon for Special Learners

Dyslexia is a learning disorder that affects the learner’s ability to read, spell, write, and speak. Children with dyslexia suffer, as they find it difficult to read and therefore feel left out in class. eBooks and audiobooks require no comprehension of written text, instead, the special learners just need to plug into earplugs and listen to the story. While listening they may have better retention and be able to learn at a better pace.

Lastly, listening to audio also helps relax eyes, and stay away from the harmful radiations that screens might emit. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that, audio-enabled e-readers have multiple benefits not only to those who have difficulty in reading but also to other bright students.

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Practical Activities Using Montessori Materials – A Foundation for Math At Preschool  The Montessori Way

Practical Activities Using Montessori Materials – A Foundation for Math At Preschool The Montessori Way

Practical Activities Using Montessori Materials – A Foundation for Math At Preschool The Montessori Way

Dr. Maria Montessori was the founder and pioneer of the Montessori method of teaching. If you have ever entered a Montessori classroom, you would know how different it looks from any other preschool in the vicinity. However, two Montessori-based classrooms will always have a similar layout and pretty much the same materials on display. Today, the Montessori method is followed in all parts of the world, including Dubai in the Middle East.

The Montessori way focuses more on self-directed activities and follows a hands-on approach. The prepared classroom environments are tidy, orderly and provide close to real-world experiences to the children. Children are free to explore and choose the activity of their interest, which allows them to learn by doing and correct their mistakes themselves since the materials are designed in such a fashion. The Montessori Directress is merely a guide and an observer, helping children develop confidence and discipline.

Montessori based Math 

At first, children are introduced to concrete Math materials, and as they get comfortable, they move to abstract activities.

Concrete materials are things that can be held, touched, and felt. So, before the child picks up a crayon and writes 1-10 on paper, they have number cards with different textures to run their finger over it. Eventually, students learn to write and say the numbers in order, without the help of materials.

Montessori Math Materials 

Number Rods

Number rods are a bunch of red and blue color wooden rods that are arranged in ascending order from smallest to biggest. There are a number of practical activities that you can undertake with these rods.

Firstly, ask the child to randomly lay the rods on a mat, and then arrange them from smallest to biggest with the red section on the left side. Practice counting by using your index finger and middle finger together, and run them over each rod, and each section of the rod (red & blue). While pointing, say aloud ‘this is one’ and this is ‘two’. Continue gradually by introducing only 3 numbers at a time.

Now randomly say to the child ‘give me seven’. The child finds the rod which has seven sections with alternating blue & red marks.

Sandpaper Numbers

Numbers 0 to 9 are cut out from sandpaper and stuck on green paper. Take one number card at a time and trace with your finger three times over the number gently while saying it out aloud ‘one’. Repeat this for number two and so on. Introduce three cards in a day and proceed slowly. Along with number recognition, the child is also learning the pattern of writing numbers. After some practice, children would find it effortless to re-produce the digits on paper.

Spindle Box

The spindle box has 10 compartments with numbers written on the wall to represent each section. Ask the child to read the number printed above one of the sections. The child has to count that many spindles and place them in the compartment. For number ‘eight’ the child needs to count that many spindles and place them in the compartment.

Teaching Students 11- 19 with Beads on Hanging Frame

The frame has hooks and numbers 11 to 19 mentioned on a horizontal bar at the top. To represent number 11, children pick up the bead chain that has 10 beads and another chain that has 1 bead 10+1 = 11. Ask the child to now count and place 19 beads. The child needs to choose the bead chain that has 10 beads first, and the other one which has 9 beads 10+9 = 19. This activity teaches children addition, subtraction, and the decimal system. In this way, children can learn to count in 1000s.

‘Mathletics’ is an amazing mathematics platform for educators and learners. They support learning for students in the classroom and at home, through interactive activities, games, and challenges. Mathletics is highly recommended by educators, and most schools in GCC and UAE encourage parents to download the Mathletics platform and practice Math problems at home. They offer students the chance to put their mathematical skills to use through relevant, attention-grabbing activities. It is the perfect mathematics engagement program for schools and homes.

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Upskill & Grab the Opportunities of These Highly Popular Foreign Languages 

Upskill & Grab the Opportunities of These Highly Popular Foreign Languages 

Upskill & Grab the Opportunities of These Highly Popular Foreign Languages  

What do we first associate with the word language? Wouldn’t most people think of their mother tongue being their primary mode of communication? Sure, it is and none can take away the essence of one’s own language that is so dear to them, that they have known and received beautifully from their parents or guardians. That language becomes their way of being. Then as a child gets into school, he or she is introduced to more languages and their mother tongue may or may not constitute in that list. Those would be languages specific to the state or region or would mainly be the national language of the country. For E.g. If one is a resident of Dubai of the United Arab Emirates, their mother tongue could be Pashto whereas the official language of the Middle East and most GCC countries is Arabic. To some, Arabic may be their mother tongue as well as their first language in school. Then would come the second language offered by the school and so on and so forth. English is the most popular second language in the world, with about 1.4 billion speakers. So, generally, a child would learn three to four languages in school, and out of those possibly one or two could be foreign languages learned either by choice or made mandatory as part of the curriculum. 

The question that arises is, why is there a need-to-know foreign languages? When one is born and bred in a particular country, they generally live there for a sufficient amount of time, get their education, earn their livelihood, start a family of their own and lead a great life for which the languages they have known since childhood are enough to suffice them in their personal and professional space. Is there actually a reason to upskill? Of course! Yes! Not one but many and we will tell you why. Learning new languages can be the most fascinating and can bring along life-elevating experiences going beyond the comfort zones of one’s caregivers and alma mater, just the individual must be eager to acquire knowledge and seize opportunities and hence would befriend unknown languages. There is never an age to learn. A child could start learning multiple foreign languages of his or her preference from a young age or one can even upskill later post-college or even at work or otherwise. Knowing multiple languages gives one a sense of liberation, extreme pride, and happiness. To be able to learn to read, write and speak world languages is a gift that needs to be constantly practiced and nurtured. 

If ever the thought of migration crosses one’s mind or if a person wishes to study or work abroad or just wants to be an avid traveler, knowing additional languages is always a blessing, comes in very handy, and is super helpful. Not only can the person help themselves but also the companion, friend or family member traveling along with them, should they not know the language of the place. The crucial point is that nobody can take undue advantage or fool you for whatsoever reason and you can smartly handle the situation. Moreover, you can never get lost in a foreign country and can tap the maximum avenues to enjoy and have an amazing time, just with the greatest benefit of simply knowing the language. These are sufficient reasons to urge you to take up another language. More the merrier. 

If you ever thought that you would never have the need to move out of your country for any reason and it is not important to know additional languages then think again. Let us assume a situation wherein you are in your home country and are at your workplace and your busy senior suddenly asks you to welcome a French delegation of top-notch associates. Wouldn’t it be a collar on your sleeve if you knew French, at least the most frequently used words for communication, to begin with? With your humble attempt, not only would you make your guests feel warm and inviting but it would show immense gratitude on your part to speak a little of their language. Similarly at work, again in your own country, if you had to visit a foreign restaurant with your international colleagues, you would need to know the basics of the language of the people you are surrounded with as in certain situations, even English would not come handy, though it may be the most widely spoken foreign language across the world. Whether it is your native country or while being in a foreign country, in any case, it is a must to know other languages. 

 We bring to you below, apart from English, some highly popular foreign languages and we hope this motivates you to definitely upskill and there will indeed be a host of opportunities that you will be able to grab along the way for sure. 


As we stated the above example for you, we would like to further mention that French is the second most widely learnt foreign language in the world after English. French is the official language of 29 countries, the renowned ones being Switzerland, Tunisia, Canada, and the obvious France. 


Much as for English, Chinese is also the most widely used language in the world spoken by about 1.2 billion people in comparison to English like we told you is about 1.4 billion. Chinese isn’t that easy to learn. It has various dialects; however, they use the same writing system that helps one to communicate with speakers of other dialects. Mandarin is the official state language of China and a dialect of Chinese so it would be fantastic to master it with great practice. 


It is the official language of about 20 countries and Spain is quite popular as a destination owing to its culture that is rich in dance and sport. A sizable amount of people even in the United States speak Spanish. There are a good number of fabulous shows and movies to watch on the internet with Spanish as a language and hence the popularity to learn and know it. 


Again, it is not a very easy language to learn as it has rigid grammar rules but the observance is that the ones who speak English may find German quite familiar as they belong to the same language family. It is widely spoken in Austria, Switzerland and of course Germany and also in the entire European Union. Germany is one of the best countries for business, art, and literature. 


It is one of the most widely spoken languages both in and outside of Europe. It is spoken across Russia, Georgia, Belarus, and Ukraine. Russian is one of the six official languages of the United Nations. The US government has identified Russian as a priority language. Russia is rich in history and knowing the language will give further insight into the works of famous people such as Tolstoy and many more. 


It is a language that is mostly spoken only in Japan and is very difficult to learn as there are three writing systems in the Japanese language and it too has the most complex grammar. However hard the language may be, the challenge is to still conquer it and know it since Japan is undoubtedly a beautiful place to visit, do business with their people and the applause-worthy virtue of the Japanese is that they are supremely punctual. When it comes to technology, they have proven to be one of the most innovative nations of the world. 

 “Reading Eggs” – Where children learn to read! It is an amazing online platform that makes learning to read, easy, and fun. They engage kids with great online reading games and activities. Children love these games, songs, golden eggs, and other rewards which, along with feeling proud of their reading, really motivate children to keep exploring and learning. 


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