Audio Enabled E-Readers Help Struggling Readers Gain More Confidence

Are you worried about your child’s reading skills? Does your child often make excuses to escape reading time and instead call his friends over to play? Sometimes children are not confident enough to pick up a book and read because they are embarrassed not being able to read correctly and unable to answer questions at the end of the story. Observe this avoidant behavior, and rather than forcing your child to read a book end-to-end, let’s help him find ways to make reading a more enjoyable experience.

Trendy E-Reading Platform

For the digital-savvy generation, an e-reading platform is a convenient option. One doesn’t need to visit a book store and spend money on buying the ‘current bestseller’ title, as the e-reader stores 1000s of eBooks across different genres, on your preferred device. You can read while being on the move, because it’s easy to fit the phone or an iPad device in your purse, thereby giving you an option to read any book at any time, to match your mood and level of interest.


E-Reading Benefits to Students

Unlike the physical copy, which could be mishandled with scratches and dog ears on the pages, the e-reader is a more sought-after option. The font of the eBook can be increased, to avoid strain on your little learner’s eyes and thereby eliminating chances of irritable mood while reading. Many e-readers can be personalized, according to the reader’s preferences.

The Renaissance myON® Reader is a popular e-reading tool, preferred by mums & educators all across the world, especially in the Middle East, including Dubai. What’s special about the myON® Reader, is that it is extremely student-friendly and provides a personalized experience to the readers. myON®’s pool of library is expansive and covers over 6,000 student-appropriate eBooks. This intelligent reader offers recommendations of book titles based on the individual student’s interest, class grade, and Lexile® reading level. Even a non-reader, is encouraged to read, thanks to the additional support offered by myON® Reader. One such interesting support function is the neutral-voice audio tool that spotlights word-by-word text, thereby making it easier for the listener to focus on the story and comprehend the passage. Learn more about the Renaissance myON® Reader by visiting our website and subscribing to it in GCC regions around the UAE.


Voice Activated Audio Reader Benefits Struggling Readers:

As mentioned above, children may find it difficult to read due to various reasons. Some of the deterrents include; having limited vocabulary, minimal English language skills, suffering from various learning difficulties like dyslexia, or being unable to associate sounds to the appropriate letter. Here’s how an audio reader can assist the learners when they find reading as a herculin task for them;

Helps Improve Vocabulary  

Having an audio feature enables the person to listen to the recording of the story in the book, instead of reading the book. Hearing new words during the story, can help increase the student’s vocabulary and comprehension skills. Vocabulary enrichment enhances the child’s speaking, writing, and thinking skills. Also, students learn the correct pronunciation and are inducted to a refined way of mastering the language. 

Better Understanding of the Story  

Research proves that when you listen to a story, one gets more imaginative and is better able to derive the meaning from the story. The child’s brain creates different visual images which helps him connect the scenes, and weave them into the story. On the contrary, when one reads, the brain is more focusing on the words and trying to decode the text, which may sometimes distract the child from the main plot.  

A Boon for Special Learners

Dyslexia is a learning disorder that affects the learner’s ability to read, spell, write, and speak. Children with dyslexia suffer, as they find it difficult to read and therefore feel left out in class. eBooks and audiobooks require no comprehension of written text, instead, the special learners just need to plug into earplugs and listen to the story. While listening they may have better retention and be able to learn at a better pace.

Lastly, listening to audio also helps relax eyes, and stay away from the harmful radiations that screens might emit. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that, audio-enabled e-readers have multiple benefits not only to those who have difficulty in reading but also to other bright students.

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