Tracking Every Learner’s Progress in Classrooms Through School Monitoring Systems

Exams are an inevitable part of every student’s learning journey at school. Regular formal or informal assessments are vital to understand the efficiency of the teaching-learning process and determine whether the goals of education are being met. Moreover, students get a chance to improve their grades, based on the regular feedback given by the subject teacher.  

In the advent of the current digital transformation, schools are opting for ERP modules to manage day-to-day activities and make calculated decisions based on a data-driven approach. The Next Learning Platform is an effective ERP software adopted by schools across the globe, including Dubai in the Middle East, to enhance operations. One of its modules is the School Analytics software, which gives deep insights into the school’s performance at different levels and the individual student’s performance at the classroom level.  

Through this blog, we aim to highlight a few benefits that are linked to effective monitoring, to both students and educators by using the school monitoring system.    

This is How School ERP Systems help to analyze student’s performance: 

Digitalizing Examinations:

Mostschool ERP software offers a module that allows institutes to conduct online exams in a fair and vigilant manner. Digitalizing the examination process is also convenient to the educator as the test paper is auto-generated from the question bank available on the system basis of the school’s board – ICSE, CBSE, IB. Since the answers are attempted by children using their laptops, the test answer papers are stored on the cloud and there are no chances of mishandling, misplacement, or damage. Even the grading process is streamlined, as the marking system is pre-fed into the system by the subject teacher and so the software is capable of grading the sheets when the correct ‘objective answer’ matches the answer on the model answer sheet.  

Assignment Management:

Besides the scheduled quarterly examinations, students also have to attempt a number of internal assignments given to them as homework. Ideally, immediately after completion of important topics or concepts taught in class, an assignment is given to the students, to test their level of understanding. Educators can send assignments at the click of a button from anywhere and students have the liberty to complete it from their homes. The software captures important details like; whether the assignment was submitted on time, how many correct answers did the student manage to attempt, and what section of the assignment was difficult for the students to cope with. Hence with the help of a good assessment management system, educators are in a position to give timely feedback to students and extend help if required.  

Generating Reports:

As soon as the child steps into an educational institute, one has to maintain academic records until he or she leaves the school. Manually managing these records is an extremely tedious task and report files may not stay in the proper condition through the years. Hence, ERP systems such as NLP, take the onus of maintaining digital records of exams, assessments, projects, and any other activity to which the school decides to assign grades. These records are useful in guiding students by analyzing graphs. The student knows where he stands in terms of consistency of performance, or whether he is performing well only in certain subjects like; Science and Language, but poorly in Math and History.

Notification To Parents:  

Not only do students receive feedback on time, but parents too are kept in the loop thanks to the digital process. That means there is no more hiding of grades and bad remarks from parents! There is utmost transparency and the automated notification system reveals the student’s attendance, grades, internal assessment marks, and remarks or comments by school authorities via an email or SMS system. Also, parents need not have to wait until an open-day session is scheduled by the school to learn about their child’s academic progress and disciplinary behavior in school.   

The above-listed points are just the icing on the cake, there are many more benefits of monitoring learners’ progress through an ERP system. For collaborations with The Next Learning Platform in UAE and GCC Regions, visit our website.

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