Benefits of Rapid Reading or Speed Reading

In today’s highly busy world, we hardly find the time to invest in quality reading. Browsing through the headlines and reading a two-liner gist on Social Media, is considered adequate to learn about events that are going on around us. Let alone the time factor, there are numerous benefits of Speed Reading that you did not know. If you are a bookworm or even a beginner, you should give this article a read.

#1 It is good for the Brain

Comprehending the verses of articles at top speed offers your brain the exercise that it needs, in order to stay agile. We’ve heard the common phrase which says ‘Use it, or lose it’. This is applicable to brain development too. Challenging your system to grasp the context speedily, will only enhance the information-receiving process of the brain and help with memory retention.

#2 Increases vastness of Knowledge

Normal reading is done at approximately 280 words per minute, while speed readers are capable of reading between 400-700 words per minute. Speed reading through an exciting novel allows you to finish cover-to-cover in less time, thereby making time for you to purchase new books and read some more. You now have a handy tip on how to accomplish your goal of reading 70-100 books a year and gain a mammoth of information!

#3 Improves Emotional Well-Being

Reading is an immersive experience, more like meditation. Unwinding with a good book after a long workday is the best way to calm down. Speed reading in a way improves your emotional well-being because your focus is on the text and other worrisome thoughts are out of the bay. Reading Eggs is an excellent Reading Platform for kids. It has a comprehensive library that helps children choose a book of their interest and read it via the app or purchase a physical copy. Thus, Reading Eggs is quite popular in the Middle East and other developed nations where such educative apps are given preference.

#4 Habit Forming

If you do an activity over and over again, it becomes a habit. Reading is definitely a good habit to follow and once you get addicted to speed reading, it becomes a part of your everyday routine. Enjoying the process will help you become a voracious reader and even be respected for it. Friends and colleagues will come to you for recommendations on the next best book to read, and it is a matter of pride, thereby giving you the confidence to follow your passion even more deeply.

#5 Solve Complex Problems

Challenges may come unannounced and finding a quick solution to a problem needs fast thinking. Reading Buffs who are already accustomed to speed reading are equipped to tap their subconscious mind and derive a resolution almost instantly. If you don’t want to let your life problems get overwhelming, start a Reading Eggs subscription in Dubai or across UAE regions, to get started on this wonderful speed-read adventure.

#6 Better Time Management

As already discussed earlier, the most common complaint is not having enough time to dedicate towards a profound activity like reading. Often there is an internal dialogue as to how much time should you allocate to reading a novel per day. Ideally, spending 30-45 minutes a day is enough, and being quite efficient at it, you will manage to complete a considerable chunk of the book, allowing you the time to focus on other mundane daily activities. If you reside in any of the GCC regions, you may even visit a library or opt to read while having coffee at a café. Either way, you can pause – read – and continue your day as usual, if developed the correct technique of rapid reading.

To conclude we would like to add, that don’t just be a reader, be a smart reader! Keep yourself motivated to read and create an impressive impact within your community by setting an example. Knowledge never goes to waste and the market is flooded with an ocean full of books out there. So, go pick one up and get reading!

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