Reading Eggs is designed to support essential reading and phonics skills in an exciting way. The program uses a highly motivating sequence of online reading lessons, activities and books to keep students engaged while learning to read. Students can explore independently as they play in the Playschool, complete Driving Tests, enter new Storylands and create their own books with a scaffolded approach in the Story Factory – all while using their rewards to personalize their avatar and decorate their ‘home.’


With Reading Eggs, teachers can feel confident they are using a resource that:

  • Supports core literacy instruction with a simple-to-navigate map format
  • Explicitly teaches phonemic awareness and phonics skills with captivating activities
  • Motivates students and encourages a love of reading
  • Provides real-time results with instant feedback and exciting rewards

A diagnostic test places students at the perfect reading level within the program to ensure each individual is working at their own instructional level, on the right pathway, and at their own pace.

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  • The Reading Eggs program is split into three separate sections – Fast Phonics, Reading Eggs, Reading Eggspress.
  • Fast Phonics is for emergent readers and follows the Systematic Synthetic Phonics approach. Synthetic phonics focuses on teaching letter and sound relationships by voicing the sound in isolation and is used in the British Curriculum.
  • Reading Eggs is also for emergent readers and uses the Analytic Phonics approach. Analytic approaches focus on letter-sound relationships in the context of whole words.
  • Reading Eggspress uses a combination of strategy-building activities, leveled reading passages, and questions that focus on literal, inferential, vocabulary, and meta-cognitive question types. The program also promotes the beneficial learning outcomes that occur from a sustained reading of whole texts.

Blended Teaching and Learning

Teachers are provided with a full Teacher Toolkit that includes interactive resources, student worksheets, teacher lessons, book notes, and big books. Students can explore and progress independently as well as complete online tasks assigned to them to increase outcomes.

Aligned to the Curriculum

All lessons are aligned to curriculum outcomes. With concept videos, guided practice, engaging games and competitions, interactives, various text types, multiple rewards, and more – these two resources have it all. Students and teachers have access to 2500+ ebooks covering all subject areas and reading levels. Teachers can reference the lesson guide, paired with lesson plans and worksheets, to focus on specific curriculum outcomes.


Improve Outcomes

Diagnostic tests and student management tools enable teachers to place students at various reading levels within the program. This ensures the level matches their reading ability and gets students successfully started on their journey to becoming proficient readers. Formative and summative assessment combined with comprehensive reports provide proof of growth and attainment within comprehension, spelling, reading ability and more.

Rewards and Recognition

Multi-reward options engage learners as they move through their lessons. Students are rewarded with golden eggs which act as currency, motivating them to achieve. Rewards include a shop, clothing and accessories, games, play area, trading cards and more.

Online Library

With the ever-growing Reading Eggspress Library, you won’t have to search for books for your reading groups. The library contains over 2500 eBooks covering many curriculum areas such as history, people and society, geography, STEM, health and sport. Many eBooks are paired with book notes, lesson plans and worksheets.

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