The importance of Math in The Modern World

The application of mathematics in the modern world is a complex and ever-changing field. In the Middle East, there are many businesses and governments that rely on mathematical expertise to make their decisions. Some of the most common applications of mathematical expertise in the modern world are in business, finance, and engineering. In business, mathematical expertise can be used to calculate financial ratios and statements, to analyse data, and to make predict future financial trends. In engineering, mathematical expertise can be used to design and build products, for data analysis, and to make predictions.

We have all found the subject of maths to be daunting and challenging. Despite its reputation, mathematical skill is one of the most coveted skills due to its role in the modern world. We all use it in some form or the other. From paying for groceries to calculating a tip in a restaurant to building a smartphone; maths has found its way into every aspect of life.

Mathematics has made a significant contribution to the study of climate change by allowing researchers to better comprehend the Earth’s climate and the impact of global warming. It helps in understanding the dynamics of the Earth’s natural systems concerning infectious diseases, their origins, their spread and control.

In the GCC areas, Maths is also part of Social Studies as it helps in exploring the social dynamics of the country and helping to identify income inequality and political polarisation. Using mathematical data they can identify underlying patterns and predict future trends more accurately.

The world as we know it today, would not be possible without maths. It aids us in problem-solving and critical thinking – two very essential skills in today’s technology-powered generation.

Schools in Dubai believe that learning maths opens up a world of opportunities. It is basically the foundation of many fields such as science, engineering, economics, and computer science. It is extremely relevant to the current school curriculums and being deficient in mathematical skills means underperforming in other subjects as mentioned above too. This would translate into limitations when it comes to future employability.

Maths is the foundation of almost every subject. Every aspect or form of mathematics such as algebra, complex numbers, trigonometry etc., influences our lives every day. You will always see an influence of the same in the field you work in, be it in medicine, meteorology or cryptography etc. Astronauts use it to determine the probability of life in outer space, statisticians rely on data to predict population trends and accountants use it to determine whether a company is doing well or making losses. Being proficient in maths opens a lot of doors for job seekers.

Without mathematics, the world would not have made the giant strides it has made today as it is crucial to understand the natural world as well. Maths describes the behaviour of particles and waves, the flow of fluids, and the dynamics of complex systems.

To assist in easier comprehension of this intimidating yet crucial subject, many schools in the UAE offer STEM learning which focuses on individual learning styles and interests. STEM courses develop children’s cognitive abilities and facilitate quick problem-solving. They are working towards their goal of ensuring that every student graduate is tech-savvy and STEM-literate. Recognising this, Blake E-learning along with 3P Learning created Mathletics which is the perfect early learning maths program to form a strong base for math students. It is convenient to use as it syncs with all your devices and hence you can use it anywhere at any time. This platform offers a personalised path with downloadable worksheets and a self-paced curriculum. Enjoyable characters and lessons use real-world examples and escort you through your learning journey while providing immediate assessments and reports so you are aware of your progress.

So if you have not signed up with a maths tutor yet, then do it right away as Maths is one skill that you cannot be without.

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