Mathletics is designed to support educators and captivate learners
in class and at home

Why over 200,000 teachers love teaching mathematics with Mathletics


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Students find engagement through purpose and reward. Mathletics provides learners with the chance to put their mathematics skills to use through activities and challenges that are relevant and attention-grabbing.


Teach your way. Mathletics is designed to support teachers and parents to deliver lessons in their own time and way.


Go by the numbers. Mathletics provides in-depth reporting that will help you see the progress of classes and individual students, helping you assess now and plan for the future.


Mathletics courses and test

3,000,000+ students

Over 3 million students around the world use Mathletics

200,000+ teachers

Over 200,000 teachers use Mathletics to support their maths teaching

14,000+ schools

Over 14,000 schools house Mathletics for the students’ maths learning

Mathletics is for teachers and parents who want to engage their students with maths learning

For Schools

Watch your learners grow

Mathletics gives your students the chance to take learning into their own hands, developing their autonomy, problem-solving and ability to work independently.

Made to suit your style

You don’t need to change a thing – Mathletics can be adjusted to your teaching style through flexible lesson planning and reporting.

Designed to captivate

Through intrinsic and extrinsic rewards, we bring purpose, creativity and fun to maths learning.


Mathletics for Schools
Mathletics for Home

For Home

Maths at Home

Support your students’ mathematics learning in the place they feel safest. Mathletics at home can give parents, tutors and home educators the ability to shape their child’s mathematics learning journey through detailed insights and reporting.

Learning through fun

The best learning is enjoyable learning. Mathletics blends intrinsic (internal) and extrinsic (external) rewards with creative adventures to create captivating experiences that will test learners’ knowledge and abilities.


Built on a foundation of solid curriculum-led content and designed by a team of veteran educators, Mathletics complements and reinforces schoolwork and classroom learning, with full control in the hands of the parent, tutor or home educator.

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