What is Automation and the Major Benefits of Applying It

Human input minimized, Robotic input maximized! This is the simplest definition of the term automation. The beauty of automation is that it is multi-dynamic, and thus it can be applied to the most mundane and rudimentary tasks and is equally beneficial in handling complex and dangerous work. Software Engineers use their programming skills to develop a Robotic helper in the form of a machine or a software program, that can assist the workforce in factories, offices, educational institutes, research centers, Government organizations, and even our homes. The gamut of automation is vast and far-reached and has become an inevitable part of our lives. Let us study the benefits of Automation:

#1 Lowers Cost of Hiring Human Employees

Robots have superpowers! Literally, they can replace the efforts of three human employees and thus saves cost on having to bear salaries and insurance coverage, to take care of your workforce. Robots are more efficient and are capable of completing the job quicker than humans. This means, the company does not have to pay for overtime expenses, but simply make a one-time investment on machines.

#2 Streamlines Processes

Business processes are complicated and the chances of human error are evident. When the same process is automated, the tasks are managed by digital tools and the function becomes streamlined. The automated software is capable of understanding the step-by-step tasks and is capable of completing the same within the given time frame. So, say goodbye to delays, as Robots don’t fall sick and the assigned handover to the next stage will therefore be smooth.

#3 Greater Safety

In a factory environment, there are chances of safety concerns, as engineers may have to deal with chemicals and inhale gases that may adversely affect their health. A Robust Robot is designed for all seasons and conditions! Lifting of extremely heavy parts in a factory premise can be done quite simply by a Robotic arm. In conditions like mines and foundries where the temperature is super-heated, a machine is deployed to carry out the operations. Occupational safety, health, and hazard policy is taken seriously by businesses in the UAE and across the world. Complying with these norms is essential or the company may have to pay huge penalties and may be even asked to seize their licenses.

#4 Attain a Competitive Edge

Every entrepreneurial venture has to face competition and be capable enough of surviving it. To be better than the best is a non-stop race, for which innovation is the key. Continuously improving processes, having remarkable service standards, and developing new products before your competitors can, is achievable only with automation. Terms such as; augmented reality, data science, and artificial intelligence, are not just fancy words, but game-changing for many. Incorporating these latest technologies into your system can help the brand make headlines and earn the respect of first-mover advantage. Especially in a city like Dubai, where Digitalization is the number one agenda of the Government, companies need to invest in Smart Tech, to survive in the market.

#5 Improved In-House Capabilities

It is always more economical to produce in-house, rather than outsource the production. This way you can ensure the highest order of quality standards and not have to depend on any vendor to source your goods. In-house automation, though it may seem expensive in the short run, once you have achieved breakeven, it reduces the cost of production and leads to better Return on Investments (ROI). By doing this, the management team gains confidence in exploring new avenues and can experiment with the deliverables, to suit the needs of the customer and even cater to customization. In posh markets across the Middle East and GCC regions, clients are ready to pay a premium for signature collections & customized products, especially in the Luxury consumer segment. So, why not experiment?

The above pointers have proved to us how exciting automation is! Even our 21st-century kids are getting a whiff of Robotics and Automation in their classrooms, as the STEM curriculum (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) has made it mandatory for Institutes to familiarize children with the same. Robotify is one such platform that motivates children to learn about Robots through game-like programs and interesting modules such as; Axel’s Mars Adventure, Treasure Trove, Drone Park, Marine Biology Survey, and many more.

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