Boost Your Child’s Learning Journey Through The Personalized Learning Approach

Learning is beneficial to all, but the teaching-learning process can be different as per the understanding of the educator or the set guidelines by the institute. Often there is a debate about whether to teach a classroom full of students or focus on individualized learning to direct all energies toward one student. There are many different styles of teaching, but today let us elaborate on the advantages of personalized learning.

What is personalized learning?

Personalization means customizing the way of teaching to suit the needs of the learner. It also depends on the pace and capabilities of the student to understand the topic. The teacher pays great emphasis on whether the child is able to fully grasp the concept and only then decides to move to the next chapter or explanation. This technique does get a little tedious to execute, as tailoring lessons as per each individual child’s needs, skills, and interests, is a difficult task. Nonetheless, the elite schools of Dubai, especially those following the International Baccalaureate curriculum, tend to customize the teaching plan as per the readiness of the student.

Benefits of Personalized Teaching Method

#1 Deeper Understanding

It makes a lot of difference when the teacher teaches 50 students together vs. just one child. When so many kids are attending the lecture, it is hard to keep track of all and without even your realization, there may be kids who are yawning away or chit-chatting at the back bench. You can’t even tell whether the student is gaining more confidence on the topic or getting more confused. However, when there is one-on-one teaching, it is so much easier to pause and enquire to the student whether he/she is on the same page as you are. Based on the input of the child, you can then alter a bit and make studies more meaningful. The Mathletics Platform which is quite the talk of the town in Dubai and other Middle East regions can be used by teachers as an excellent teaching aid to drive down important concepts of Math to an individual student in a personalized classroom environment.

#2 Better Communication

Some students are shy, while others are bold and don’t think twice before asking their doubts or queries. Asking a question in front of your peers may feel like an embarrassing situation, so they refrain from letting their doubts out in the first place. This can affect the student adversely, as he may not be able to understand the topic with clarity. In one-to-one teaching, one has no such fear of ‘asking a silly question’, as no one’s watching or judging them, and hence, the student feels the most comfortable even getting the silliest doubts cleared.

#3 Good Bonding

It’s best suited when the teacher becomes your friend and there is seamless communication between the two. This teacher-student camaraderie can allow the educator to not just impart education but be a friend, advisor, guide, and life coach to the kid. In today’s complex world, alongside decent IQ, one needs to possess a great EQ (Emotional Intelligence). This helps an individual understand his own emotions and also that of others in a better manner. EQ helps build relations and reduces stress in one’s life.

Reading and Literacy Solutions

#4 Improves Retention

When the content and teaching method are to the liking of the student, it is apparent that retention is better. If the student is a visual learner, then he prefers seeing pictures and learning through a pictorial representation of content through graphs, storylines, flashcards, and colorful presentation slides. If he is more of a kinaesthetic learner, then the teacher might have to arrange for objects and teaching aids that can be felt by hand. Some examples are; clay set, an abacus, a puzzle, sandpaper, and even Lego blocks. Basically, anything that the child can feel & touch and move around freely in the surrounding. The Mathletics app available in GCC and UAE regions features assessments at the end of every lesson plan, which will help students practice concepts that have been taught so that they can put their learning to the test.

Overall, the personalized learning approach aims to enhance the traditional education system by focusing on quality, rather than merely completing the syllabus.

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