Learning To Code As an Afterschool Program is Beneficial

Robotify is an online robotics platform that teaches you how to code in an easy-to-learn, fun-filled and accessible manner without having to purchase any expensive hardware or actual robot components. All you have to do is register with a login name and password and you get access to its multiplayer platforms which present real-life challenges in extraordinary virtual environments. Students are inspired to produce innovative ideas and solutions in this game-like environment. Many schools in Dubai, UAE use the Robotify platform, as it boosts creativity and critical thinking along with collaboration skills and problem-solving. The GCC and the Middle East are soon realizing the potential of Robotify and how affordable and accessible it is, thereby introducing this platform in classrooms.


The digitized world of today demands that every child be equipped with coding skills to successfully be able to integrate into the man-machine partnership of Artificial Intelligence. Studies have proven that coding is related to superior cognitive execution and alertness. Practicing coding which is a multifaceted ability, boosts the brain’s ability to absorb more information by forging new neural pathways. One’s muscle memory gets developed by repeatedly using these neural pathways while reinforcing coding concepts.

Coding improves your brain’s cognitive aptitudes and memory which then also spills onto your daily applications and jobs. Developing bugs in your code is unavoidable but it is this that forces the learner to tackle issues in eliminating them. Learners remain persistent with their imagination and planning solutions.

STEAM robot toys offer hands-on learning which is screen-free coding. It helps the children to understand the world around them and express themselves better. They learn how to think sequentially and logically, to solve problems. They gain the confidence and abilities to achieve or create anything they can dream of. Coding provides the set of tools that they will require for self-expression.

Coding is a highly transferrable skill that you can apply to various fields regardless of whether you eventually become a software engineer or corporate professional. It develops computational thinking skills and breaks down engineering stereotypes about tools and technologies.


With STEAM learning, coding is developed around the idea of a playground with an option to practice Robotics without investing heavily on hardware, using platforms such as Robotify. Young learners can optimally learn to program on their laptops. Sharing their progress with peers also enhances their social skills and self-expression abilities along with teaching them how to work in groups or hone their leadership skills.

The comfort of the school’s learning environment motivates children to enroll in afterschool programs and benefit from Robotics classes. STEM learning provides a comfortable environment where the learner can make mistakes and innovatively solve them while experimenting. This practice also translates to the real world where some children are risk averse but gain more confidence in making mistakes and rectifying them with coding, in an afterschool class.

Afterschool programs can encourage coding, building, storytelling, decorating, roleplay, etc with their STEAM-related activities. They must focus on keeping these sessions flexible and age appropriate. Children as young as 7 or 8 can enroll for such classes. Most schools in Dubai will offer coding as an afterschool program with low teacher-student ratio, so that teaching is customized as well as personalized for better output and results. Help your child engage their creative thinking skills and set them onto the road to becoming future tech wizards.

Free webinar for teachers and students (suitable for K-8).

Title: Start your coding journey with Robotify


Preparation for CSEdWeek and Hour of Code.
  • In this Webinar teachers and students will learn how to use Robotify for coding.
  • All attendees will receive free login credentials, to use the Robotify platform, during CSEdWeek and Hour of Code.
  • Certificate of attendance will be issued to all the attendees.
Date: 29th November 2022 | Time: 12.00 pm to 01.00 pm (UAE Time)
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