Amazing Classroom Management Ideas To Implement

Classrooms are not merely a place where students come to spend their time & return home. Schools help shape minds, build character of students, and create an environment that is comfortable for children to thrive & discover themselves. Albert Einstein once said, ‘Education is the movement from darkness to light’ and IB schools do what it takes to create an enclave where the lamp of learning is ignited in early years and stays with the child forever. In recent times, education and technology is being combined to create fun opportunities for students under the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) curriculum which is readily being adopted in the GCC regions and everywhere else.

Here are some classroom management ideas that will make learning fun for everyone and children will come to love attending school each day;

#1 Give Opportunity to Develop Friendships

Teachers must give time to students, so that they can interact with each other and develop healthy bonds. Friendships help kids develop emotional well-being such as communication skills and problem-solving abilities. They learn to become more outgoing and come to share their emotions with others. Ones self-confidence and self-worth is boosted thanks to social skills. When students collaborate together on project-work, they start enjoying studies and help each other clear concepts. The Mathletics platform which is widely available in UAE region is a comprehensive online tool that facilitates play-way activities, especially for math subject.

#2 Encourage Circle Time

Circle time is a fun and fascinating activity that engages students in social interactions and gives them the opportunity to build bonds. So, the teacher instructs the class to form a circle and then children move around playing games & competing with one another. Not only this, but they also share stories & experiences with each other and open-up to classmates about their likes & personal lives. Some examples of circle-time activities are; dance & freeze where children dance to music & then freeze when the music stops. Passing the hula-hoop ring through each other is a game that almost all of us must have played at some point in time & makes for an amazing circle time special

#3 Offer Reward & Recognition

It’s not just marks that a student can be judged by, but the overall development must be considered. Studies & activities are given equal focus and schools do what it takes to applaud achievements. Recognize students for being punctual to class, celebrate their extra-curricular success, and cheer them for their good habits. Validation doesn’t necessarily have to be about good grades, but it can be about writing a good remark in the diary, or appreciating the child during a parent-teachers meeting. This keeps the student motivated so they can continue to show improvement.

#4 Give Some Free-Time

Bogging down children with studies and too much homework isn’t going to help. Students need equal amounts of downtime to absorb what was taught in class. Like an office set-up, IB schools in Dubai & Middle East have break-out spots with indoor games such as carrom & table tennis for children to play and channelize their energy towards destressing. This time can be used by them to pay a visit to the library or even catching up with classmates at the canteen.

#5 Practice Role Play Activities

Make a habit of demonstrating positive behaviors and attitudes as an educator, so that children observe & model through. Build a conversation between two children and teach them to speak politely to each other, maintain eye contact, and start a discussion that includes kind words & body language. The idea is to mold them to be more socially acceptable citizens of the world.

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