Bedtime Stories Makes Your Child a Better Reader

Stories whether fictional or real are told through all sorts of mediums be it books, documentaries, films, television, OTT, the internet, and social media. Bedtime stories have a special meaning altogether. Don’t they happily bring in nostalgia of your childhood? Most children are brought up with this tradition of tales being narrated to them at bedtime from a very tiny age. Children and parents alike look forward to this happy ritual at night. It is not just about Dubai, the UAE, the GCC countries and the Middle East, this much-loved practice is seen across all cultures and around the world. This precious activity and the habit of reading to children and eventually making them better readers, has been passed on from generations. Let us understand this in further detail.

Knowing why these are so relevant

Bedtime stories exponentially grow the bond and develop close ties between a parent and a child. During the day the children sporadically get to interact with their parents. There is little time, as parents are away at work or otherwise and kids usually away at nursery or school. The family gets their uninterrupted time together at night, wherein parents can unwind with their children after an arduous day and children can animatedly narrate the happenings of what they undertook in a day and then they both happily indulge in the world of stories joyously snuggled together.

Choosing convenience for you and your child

It is for you and your child to decide and set your night-time routine what best works for you. It may not necessarily be the same in another household. The usual pattern that is generally followed would be, dinner, change into cosy night-suits, brush teeth, get tucked into bed, all set for story time. However, some kids may tend to fall asleep immediately hence the purpose is not met. As per the child and their capacities, parents can tweak around the schedule to enrich this activity. So, it could also mean dinner, then chat and story time and later the child would finish the night chores and be off to bed. It should never seem like it is being imposed on them but it should rather flow naturally.

Picking the right kind of books and the benefits of reading

Babies get attracted to pictures. Initially it is black and white to them and later they begin to recognise colors. The feel of the pages excites them and when you sing their favourite nursery rhyme to them is when they learn words and sounds even better. As the children grow, you can progress to books with more text. Reading boosts your child’s listening skills, introduces new words in their vocabulary and enhances their spellings. It transports them into a wonderful world of imagination. You can read your child’s favourite book to them and slowly and steadily get them to read on their own and thus they will get a grip on the pronunciation and language. Bring them the books of the topics that intrigue them, that they like and stories that are appropriate for their age. Do not burden or bore them with books that may be difficult for them or stories that may not interest them. Ultimately, they should enjoy them and cultivate the habit of reading. As you read more, you will figure out what your child loves the best and they will themselves too discover it and come back with their questions and give you feedback as well.

Be patient with the process and appreciate your children

Children have different capabilities. Some may struggle with it and some may become a pro at it and would love reading for good. Let them take their time. The shortcomings can be worked upon later. It is utmost important to start first. If you still haven’t begun this routine with your child, it is never too late to do so. Do not forget to have fun along the way with your child and build memories for a lifetime. Reading Eggs makes learning to read interesting and engaging for kids, with great online reading games and activities. It is a trusted reading programme for children aged 2–13 years and it’s based on solid scientific research. The home is the ideal place to lay the building blocks for long-term reading and academic success. Your child can learn to read right now.

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