Mathletics Primary Program

Mathletics provides students with actual challenges to test their mathematical abilities and knowledge by combining intrinsic and extrinsic rewards with creative adventures.

Lesson Planning Made Easier

Mathletics simplifies class planning and saves time for teachers. To swiftly sketch out and deliver a lesson plan that addresses the requirements of all.

Mathematics is a subject that students should continue to develop and master throughout their academic careers, since it provides a solid basis for understanding how the world works and is a key ability for 21st-century learners.

Especially in the middle east and Dubai, the units of inquiry in the Primary Years Programme, students are exposed to mathematical themes in their everyday learning. This enables students to establish vital connections between the mathematical principles they’re learning and the real world they live in. Math is all around us, so kids must be able to grasp these abilities and concepts from an early age. It’s also critical that students feel encouraged while learning and that they’re taught to work through processes to arrive at a solution.

Children learn mathematical concepts such as data gathering and handling, space and shape, measurement, patterns, numbers, and functions in the Primary Year Program, which can be used to lay the groundwork for higher-level thinking in future years.


Primary Year Program, children in the Middle East & Dubai are then introduced to broader mathematical concepts that demand them to think critically about how they might be applied in a number of scenarios once these concepts have been understood.

Manipulatives or hands-on instruments and resources are frequently employed in the Primary Year Program to give younger pupils with a tangible depiction of mathematics. This is particularly beneficial for those who prefer practical learning than reading or memorizing. Teachers can also employ play as a method of learning, such as encouraging students to work in groups to set up a shop in class and figure out the best way to spend their money on the items they require. These manipulatives assist students in visualizing and making key connections in order to gain a better understanding.

It also teaches pupils how to apply mathematics outside of the classroom to real-life situations. It motivates kids to participate at home or while out doing activities, and it shows them that mathematics can be used to a wide range of situations

Putting Concepts and Techniques into Practice with Real-World Applications

In the Middle East & Dubai the most important aspect of the Primary Year Program mathematics curriculum is giving students opportunity to apply what they’ve learned in the classroom to real-life circumstances.

Students engage in engaging activities that allow them to create connections, apply what they’ve learned, and show off their work. Consider the following scenario:

  • Children produce and present interactive presentations in which they must demonstrate their conceptual comprehension while also being open to constructive comments from their classmates. This type of application and involvement will, in the end, prepare them to integrate creativity, critical thinking, and mathematics knowledge in the future.
  • Children will show off their work and explain how they did it to the rest of the class. This helps individuals improve their public speaking abilities while also teaching them to take constructive criticism about their work. It’s a fun pastime that helps them improve their math skills while also boosting their confidence.

Throughout their education, their critical thinking skills develop, and they learn how to apply their core knowledge in a variety of situations. This is a 21st-century skill that is in high demand all around the world and can be applied to any career or life situation.

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