One Step Closer To Nature – A Collection Of Books for Kids

Nature is all around us and our very existence depends on nature. The plants around us in the gardens, the soil we play with, vast oceans, hills, valleys, and all kinds of animal species, are components of nature. Mother Earth is filled with beauty and it is our responsibility to take care of it. Just as nature gives us so much food & fresh air, we need to be grateful for its gifts.

Children are taught about nature in preschool. In fact, it is now that they spend the most time outdoors and don’t mind getting dirty in sand making castles & smelling sweet flower fragrances. As a parent or school teacher, inculcating a ‘love for nature’ and teaching children how to ‘preserve natural resources’ goes a long way. We suggest you introduce students to these books on nature and let them enjoy glancing through.

#1 Night Animals – by Gianna Marino

This is a bedtime classic, and your kids are sure to drift off to fond memories, post-story-time. It is a light-hearted book where night campers go trekking and hear sounds of all sorts of creatures, only to find out that animals living in these forests are actually scared of the intruders into their territory. Children get introduced to possum, wolf, bear, skunk, bat, and other interesting animals & birds, through the book.

#2 Up In The Garden Down In The Dirt – by Kate Messner

This book reveals interesting insights about the mischief that goes on under the surface of the earth. Earthworms digging, snakes hunting, skunks burrowing, and other creatures unintentionally helping the farmer yield a crop. Isn’t that fascinating? We bet you wouldn’t have guessed how your tomatoes are so plump or how pees grew to full size under their pods. Pick up this book right away and learn more about the activity that lies between the stalks & roots, deep down under the ground.

#3 We are Water Protectors – by Carole Lindstrom

A young girl and her grandmother walk by a river in their neighborhood often and talk about how beautiful the free-flowing river water is. Time & again, the little one exclaims how she loves admiring the river and says ‘water is our first medicine’ and that ‘we all come from water’. As time goes by one day the young girl spots ‘a black snake – oil pipeline’ and is disturbed by the sight of it. Oh, what a threat to her community and animals! The black snake represents ‘oil pipelines’ being built on Native land in America. The book pictorially depicts how numerous movements are thereby undertaken by ‘Water Protectors’ in the West to raise concerns regarding safeguarding Earth & its waters.

#4 Our World in Pictures: Trees, Leaves, Flowers & Seeds – by Chris Clennett

Learn all that you have to about the plant anatomy- trees, flowers, seeds, fruits, etc. What part of the plant is edible and what isn’t? Find out about the unique characteristics of plants. Which plant eats insects? How do cacti survive in the desert? Which flower looks like a monkey face? The book has over 1,000 attractive images of strange plants, as well as common ones. It’s a must-read for your little kiddos, as this book is sure to get them excited and wanting to learn more.

#5 The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle

Narrated by the famous author ‘Eric Carle’, The Tiny Seed, is a story of a ‘seed’ and how it travels far and wide across rivers, oceans, mountains, deserts before it finally finds a perfect spot to settle down. Once settled, it grows into a tree & blooms into a flower thereafter. The book subtly talks about the entire lifecycle of a seed. From a seedling to a flower that dispels seeds and these new seeds waiting to find their destiny to uncover.

#6 Everything Spring This one’s a National Geographic bestseller

Children learn all that they need to about ‘spring season’ through superb pictures that bring a cheery smile to their faces. Smell the fresh scent of flowers and bask in the sunlight, as you turn page by page of this book. A time of perfect merriment for animals, birds, and even us humans!

It’s always wise to inculcate a habit of reading good books at a young age. Start with simple stories that use illustrations to depict the essence, and then gradually advance to ones that focus on good literature to improve the child’s vocabulary. Reading Eggs is an amazing E-Reading platform, preferred by most moms and educators in Dubai – UAE, and other countries across the world. Reading Eggs provides ample opportunity to kids to explore books on various genres, undertake post-reading activities, and track their progress.

In this emerging digitalization world, Reading Eggs is a suitable alternative to hardcover books, as children can easily access 100’s of books on ‘nature’ from their iPads & Phones. To get access to Reading Eggs in GCC or anywhere in the Middle East, visit our website: <link>

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