Problem Solving Techniques Helps Students Become Better At Math 

Mathematics has been one of the most elusive subjects to teach for teachers and instructors. Primarily owing to the fact that the subject gets a pretty bad reputation. Mathematics is nothing but the quantification of things and ideas. The only primary requirement of Mathematics is for the practicing individual to have a free-flowing thought process that is efficient at problem-solving. This is why problem solvers are good at Maths and vice-versa. It is also of no surprise that Maths and problem solving both are such fundamental skills that everyone, no matter where you’re from or what you do, you needs an understanding of both the skills to a certain degree to function.

Problemsolving has simple steps that help the process and makes it streamlined; 

Understanding the problem: 

While seemingly obvious, understanding and identifying a problem accurately is the first step. Diving into the problem requires a degree of assessment on the problem-solvers part. Exploring the problem itself requires a particular outlook that is pragmatic and investigative. This is where curiosity plays an important role and helps the problem-solver become adept with the problem at hand. Once the problem at hand is completely understood, various approaches to solve it can be devised and then based on these, a strategy can be made. So, the first step towards solving any problem is first completely and fully understand it. 

Find a strategy: 

Strategy is key in finding any solution to a problem. Based on how the problem is identified and explored, the strategy can then be devised for an optimal solution. Building a strategy also is dependent on the resources available, including; information and tools. For example, in Mathematics, if a solution of a problem requires say a tool such as a calculator, and it is not available to solve that particular problem, then an alternate method has to be devised to solve the complex problem. This helps the problem-solver derive a usable and functional strategy that can be executed and used to obtain a final solution. Once the execution of the strategy begins, arriving at a solution is fairly a matter of delivery.  

The ‘Mathletics app’ for School helps develop these methods for young students that can be applied across all kinds of domains while building a true problem-solving mentality in the young students.  

Here’s how Mathletics does it: 

Simplified lesson planning: 

A simplified and structured lesson plan goes a long way in communicating the right ideas to the students while ensuring they absorb the ideas and are able to use them in the real world. Bench-marking assessments, grouping, and curriculum alignment are some of the tools used to deliver a lesson plan to the students thereby meeting their needs. 

 Hundreds of problem-solving and reasoning activities: 

Mathletics PSR Questions consist of 700+ problem-solving activities that are available to the students right at their fingertips. This enables them to reason and think critically and solve creatively. 

 Easy student progress tracking: 

Knowing how far you’re out in your progress, helps give students a larger perspective into their problem-solving skills. An instructor can track the progress of the entire class, maintaining a detailed report of how the performance of a student has improved or decreased. This ensures a long-term planning for the development of the young students. 

Mathletics is a comprehensive mathematics learning tool that has effectively changed how several schools and instructional institutes teach Maths in Dubai and other Middle East countries. Mathletics has achieved this by building its platform to benefit both; students and instructors, making learning and teaching more fun. To learn more about integrating the Mathletics platform in your institution across GCC or UAE countries, visit our website: Click here

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