Ways to Increase Your Reading Speed

Reading can be one of the most rewarding activities for adults and children alike. Building a habit of reading is one thing, but building a capability for reading with speed. It helps you gain information quickly while being able to process the information faster. Simplistically it enables you to think faster. It is also a pretty usable skill to have to be able to read fast and understand it all. Got a lot of paperwork? Got a lot to research? It helps! Here’s a few ways to increase your reading speed:


Practice with the clock

It requires experience to approach a material strategically, read actively, and summarize well. Use a timer to see how many words (or pages) per minute you can read if you wish to increase your reading speed. As your reading speed improves, check in with yourself to make sure you’re satisfied with your understanding.

It’s okay to skip

The idea that students must read every part of a textbook or article is an outdated one, according to Dartmouth College’s Academic Skills Center. Skip the portions that aren’t relevant to your goal unless you’re reading something really vital. Instead of just having time to study a few texts in depth, reading selectively allows you to grasp the key ideas of numerous.

Pay attention

Focus and concentration are required to read rapidly and comprehensively. Reduce outside noise, interruptions, and distractions, and be aware of your thoughts as you read. If you find yourself distracted, gently draw your attention back to it. Many readers skim through a few words without paying attention, then go back and reread them to make sure they understand. You’ll soon recognize whether you’re not comprehending a part if you study a book slowly and attentively, saving you time in the long run.

Plan why you’re reading

How you approach a text strategically will have a significant impact on how quickly you can comprehend it. Make a list of your objectives first. What are you hoping to gain from the reading? Make a list of questions you’d like to know the answers to by the end. After that, based on your preview, figure out what the author’s aim was in producing the material. Similarly, change up your strategy depending on what you’re about to read. If you’re reading a thick legal or scientific document, you should undoubtedly read some parts slower and more attentively than you would a fiction or magazine.

Read more

The simplest of all ways to increase reading speed is to read more. Making reading a habit allows you to become adept with your own understanding and reading style. Start with things that interest you strongly such as novels, newspapers and more. Slowly you can graduate to longer and more demanding materials. This enables you to build a good reading speed with time.

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