Teaching Children How To Measure Distance

Does your mind wander about when you sit to study or just to pass time? Do you ever find yourself thinking about random things like “How long is my right hand?” or “How tall is the chair in my room?” While these general ponderings are especially common in growing children, they often find themselves befuddled with the task of actually measuring even small objects especially when it is normal not to have to carry a ruler around with you.

When you want to measure linear measurements, the measurements may be in the units – inches, feet, yards, meters or kilometers. Initially, to make exact measurements, as it can be difficult without experience to make spot-on or even close to real estimations, start measuring familiar objects with tools. These tools can vary from short to long and big to small. Let us look at some:


A ruler is an object of measurement that is usually 12 inches long but can also be 30 centimeters long. You want to make sure that any measurement you make with a ruler of an object, that object must be smaller than or as long as the ruler itself for an accurate measurement.

Yardstick or a Meter Stick

A Yardstick or a Meter Stick is approximately 3 feet long since a yard is made up of 3 feet. We can use this to measure larger objects such as a table.

Plastic Tape Measure

This tool is really cool as it does not constrict you to measure only straight objects, it allows you to measure curved objects as well such as a football. This makes it a unique tool of measurement.

Metal Tape Measure

This is very different from a plastic tape measure as its length can go up to 50 to 200 feet. This is used to measure bedrooms, swimming pools and even entire houses.

Measuring Wheel

Known as Surveyor’s Tool or Distance Calculating Wheel, this device has a calibrated wheel attached to the handle. One must only roll it from a starting point to the end point and read the numbers on the counter to read the measurement of the distance covered by the wheel.

Laser Tape Machine

It is a new and accurate replacement to the commonly known measurement tools. It uses Optics and Laser Physics to give exact measurements. It uses Phase Shift Principle, in which the reflection of the outbound laser beam and the duration of time it takes to register the reflected pulse is used to measure the distance the laser beam has traversed.

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