Finding resources that educate and captivate young minds can be daunting in the bustling world of children’s education. However, Highlights for Children emerges as a beacon of innovation and engagement, offering a treasure trove of materials, including fun math books for kids, designed to ignite a love of learning in children aged 3 to 12. With a core philosophy centered on making learning enjoyable and accessible, Highlights crafts resources that fit seamlessly into busy schedules, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to thrive academically and beyond.

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At the heart of Highlights for Children lies a commitment to providing high-quality educational materials that inspire and empower young learners. Founded in 1946, Highlights has been a staple in countless households and schools across Dubai, enriching the lives of children worldwide. With a history of over seven decades, Highlights has established itself as a trusted authority in children’s literature, education, and entertainment.

From its flagship magazine to its extensive line of books, apps, and digital content, Highlights offers a diverse array of resources, including fun math books for kids, designed to cater to children’s unique needs and interests at every stage of their development. Focusing on fostering creativity, critical thinking, and curiosity, Highlights remains dedicated to helping children reach their full potential.

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Benefits of Math Activities to Children

Mathematics is more than just memorizing numbers and solving equations; it is a fundamental skill that forms the backbone of numerous disciplines and real-world applications. Introducing children to math at an early age lays the groundwork for academic success and cultivates essential skills that are valuable throughout life.

Math activities offer a multitude of benefits to children, including:

  1. Building a Strong Foundation: Math activities help children develop a solid understanding of foundational concepts such as numbers, shapes, and patterns. Children learn to manipulate and interact with mathematical ideas by engaging in hands-on activities, laying the groundwork for future learning.
  2. Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving: Fun math books for kids encourage children to think critically and approach problems from different angles. By solving puzzles, completing tasks, and exploring mathematical concepts, children develop problem-solving skills essential for success in school and beyond.
  3. Boosting Confidence: Completing math activities instills children with a sense of accomplishment and confidence. As children confront fresh challenges and surmount obstacles, they cultivate a favorable outlook on learning, fostering the confidence to tackle increasingly intricate tasks.
  4. Real-World Applications: Math activities allow children to apply mathematical concepts to real-world scenarios. Whether measuring ingredients for a recipe, budgeting money, or calculating distances on a map, children learn to see the relevance of math in everyday life.

Different Math Books by Highlights: 

Highlights for Children offers a diverse range of math books tailored to children’s unique needs and interests at various stages of their development. These books combine engaging content with interactive activities to make learning math both fun and educational.

  1. 15 Minutes a Day to School Success (Ages 3-7): This workbook series supports learning success in just 15 minutes daily, making it perfect for busy schedules. With colorful artwork and a unique approach to at-home learning, these workbooks help children practice essential skills in short bursts, fostering academic success.
  2. Mathmania (Ages 7+): Mathmania is a vibrant collection of math puzzles, mazes, and brain teasers designed to captivate young minds aged 7 and above. Bursting with stimulating activities, it encourages children to delve into mathematics, fostering exploration of concepts such as patterning, estimating, fractions, money, and time. With its engaging content, Mathmania stands out as an enjoyable resource for kids to enhance their mathematical skills while having fun.
  3. Highlights Shapes App (Ages 3+): Accompanied by friendly animal characters, the Highlights Shapes App offers an immersive learning experience that helps children practice matching, sorting, and categorizing shapes and colors through imaginative activity-filled worlds.

Highlights for Children stands out as a beacon of innovation and excellence in a world where education is paramount. Through their diverse range of resources, including fun math books for kids, apps, and digital content, Highlights continues to inspire and empower young learners to reach their full potential. Through offering captivating resources that nurture creativity, critical thinking, and curiosity, Highlights maintains its dedication to ensuring that learning is both enjoyable and accessible for children of all ages. With Highlights by their side, children have the tools to succeed academically and beyond.

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