Think about a classroom where laughter and learning mix perfectly. Students don’t just memorize facts; they learn by doing fun activities with LEGO® Education. LEGO® Education isn’t just about building things with bricks. It’s a whole system that makes kids curious, helps them think, and teaches them to solve problems. Teachers get lots of help from LEGO® Education Support Centre to make learning enjoyable. The true power of LEGO® Education, however, lies in its robust pre and post-sale support system. This system ensures that educators have the tools and resources they need to transform playtime into a launchpad for lifelong learning.

Building Confidence Through Pre-Sale Support

The implementation of LEGO® Education sets, such as the SPIKE™ Prime Expansion Set or Coding Express, within your classroom curriculum presents a thrilling opportunity. However, it is perfectly understandable to have inquiries before embarking on this path. The LEGO® Education Support’s pre-sale system facilitates a seamless transition by offering the following:

Curriculum Alignment:

Consultants work with you to identify the perfect LEGO® Education sets that align with your curriculum and learning objectives. Whether you’re developing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) skills, fostering creativity, or enhancing social-emotional learning, there’s a LEGO® solution designed to meet your needs.

Professional Development:

Pre-sale support often includes access to professional development workshops. These interactive sessions equip educators with the knowledge and skills to effectively use LEGO® Education resources in their classrooms. You’ll learn best practices for integrating activities into lesson plans, facilitating discussions, and assessing student learning.

Trial Programs:

Unsure if LEGO® Education is the right fit? Some providers offer trial programs that allow you to experience the resources firsthand before making a commitment. This is a fantastic way to see how LEGO® Education kits can engage your students and bring your curriculum to life.

LEGO® Education

Post-Sale Support: Building on a Strong Foundation

Once you’ve embraced LEGO® Education Support service, the relationship continues. Post-sale resources ensure you have everything you need to maximize the learning potential of the program:

Online Resources: 

A treasure trove of online resources provides ongoing support. Access lesson plans, activities, and downloadable materials that complement your LEGO® Education set. These resources are constantly updated with new ideas, keeping your lessons fresh and engaging. Download over 400 comprehensive lesson plans online, including set recommendations, building instructions, and engaging activities, for a stellar learning experience!

Ongoing Training: 

LEGO® Education offers additional training opportunities beyond the initial workshops. These sessions can delve deeper into specific topics or address new challenges you may encounter while using the program. Facilitated by LEGO® Education Academy trainers, the Professional Support module empowers educators and provides certification through in-person and virtual sessions throughout the academic calendar. 

Community Support: 

Engage with a lively community of LEGO® Education users via online forums and social media groups. Here, educators can exchange ideas, pose questions, and glean insights from fellow enthusiasts dedicated to leveraging LEGO® Education for enriching and effective learning experiences. Join this dynamic network to foster collaboration, spark creativity, and stay abreast of innovative approaches to integrating LEGO® Education into the classroom.

Benefits of LEGO® Education Support

The benefits of LEGO® Education’s pre and post-sale support extend beyond simply learning how to use the bricks. It fosters a sense of confidence and empowers educators to create truly engaging learning experiences. Here’s how:

Boosts Teacher Confidence:

Are they using the LEGO® DUPLO® bricks for the first time? Well, the pre-sale consultations and professional development ensure educators feel comfortable integrating LEGO® Education into their classrooms. This translates into a more engaging and effective learning environment for students. 

Maximizes Learning Outcomes: 

By aligning resources with curriculum standards and providing ongoing support, LEGO® Education helps educators maximize the learning potential of their students. For example, while using the LEGO® Education BricQ Motion Prime set, teachers can guide students in building and coding robots to explore concepts like motion, force, and simple machines. 

Creates a Culture of Exploration: 

The support system fosters a collaborative environment where educators can share ideas, learn from each other, and continuously improve their teaching practices. Even young learners are encouraged to brainstorm ideas, share building responsibilities, and collaborate on coding sequences through hands-on activities with Coding Express by LEGO® Education. 

Building a Brighter Future

LEGO® Education is a powerful tool for fostering a love of learning in students of all ages. By providing comprehensive pre and post-sale services, LEGO® Education Support empowers educators in Dubai and other regions, to unlock the full potential of this innovative learning platform. With the right support system in place, educators can create classrooms that are not just places of learning but vibrant spaces where creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking skills can flourish. 

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