Databot™: The Unique Game-Changer Transforming STEAM Education

Databot™ stands out as a key player in STEAM education and is taking strides to transform learning into an exciting adventure. This powerful tool allows young minds to embark on a path of investigation, experimentation, and real-time analysis, empowering them to unlock the secrets of the world around them. Databot™ transcends the limitations of traditional learning by motivating students to be active participants in the scientific process rather than passive receivers of information. It is more than just a device; it is an invitation to explore, question, and engage with the intricate world of science, making education a dynamic experience for the curious minds of the future.

Q: What is databot™, and what features does it offer?

Ans: Databot™ is an affordable educational sensor device tailored for students from grades 4 and beyond, seamlessly integrating into STEAM education. This compact tool, weighing 34 grams, amalgamates 15 internal sensors, an external temperature probe, enables Bluetooth, and WiFi connectivity. Within its robust framework, databot™ encompasses a diverse range of sensors, including those for temperature, humidity, UV index, ambient light, gesture, color, CO2, VOC, air pressure, altimeter, accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, sound, ambient temperature, and inclinometer. This comprehensive suite empowers students to delve into multifaceted scientific explorations, fostering an interactive and engaging learning experience within the STEAM educational framework.

Q: How can databot™ be used for science education?

Ans: databot™ is easy to use for science teachers. By installing the Vizeey™ smart device app on iOS, Android, or Chromebook and connecting via Bluetooth, teachers can utilize the device for various science subjects, including Earth Science, Physics, Chemistry, Life Science, and Environmental Science. The range of onboard sensors allows for diverse STEAM education activities.

Q: How is databot™ used for CTE and STEM programs?

A: databot™ is programmable and hackable, making it a versatile STEM device. It encompasses customizable RGB LEDs, accessible ports for I2C and UART expansion, a comprehensive spectrum tone generator, and additional features. The databot™ Basic Training section provides information on data sheets, technical details, Arduino setup instructions, drag-and-drop coding environment, and other resources for CTE and STEM applications.

Q: What grades and ages are appropriate for using databot™?

A: Databot™ exhibits remarkable versatility, catering to students from grades 4 and beyond, thus establishing itself as a valuable educational tool within the broader scope of STEAM education.

Q: Is databot™ suitable for remote learning?

A: Yes, databot™ is ideal for remote learning. It is easy to use, showcases durability, is easy to clean, and also versatile enough to teach multiple science topics across STEM education. The device’s adaptability and ease of use make it a friendly tool for at-home learning.

Q: How do I set up and use my databot™?

A: The Basic Training section provides guidance on setting up and using databot™. It covers essential information for users who have just acquired the device, including data sheets, technical details, Arduino setup instructions, and a drag-and-drop coding environment.

Q: How can I contact databot™ for further inquiries?

A: You can contact databot™ from Dubai or any other region via phone at +(971) (4)3856650 (or) You can also reach them via social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

 In the realm of learning, databot™ stands as a beacon, seamlessly integrating into the dynamic landscape of STEAM education. This innovative tool transforms complex topics into an engaging adventure and empowers students to participate actively in the scientific process.

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