Fascinating Screenless Coding STEM Toy Sets for Young Learners

A screenless coding STEM toy offers an engaging and hands-on approach to introducing children to programming and computational thinking fundamentals. These innovative toys leverage physical components, such as blocks, cards, or robots, to enable kids to create sequences of commands and solve problems without relying on screens or digital devices.

By fostering a tangible and interactive learning experience, these toys introduce coding concepts and promote critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and creativity. Screenless coding toys make learning more accessible and enjoyable for children, encouraging them to explore the exciting world of STEM while developing a solid foundation in programming principles.

Matatalab Coding Robot

Matatalab Coding Robot is a STEM toy that teaches children ages 4-10 about coding basics. It comes with a robot, a set of coding blocks, and story cards. Children use the coding blocks to create sequences of commands that tell the robot what to do. The robot can then execute these commands and perform actions such as moving around, making sounds, and interacting with the environment. The Tale-Bot Pro kit is not only popular amongst K-12 schools in Dubai but also other institutes across the globe. Here’s a pro tip: start with simple commands and gradually introduce more complex concepts like manipulating the robot to walk, draw, sing, dance, and even speak!


Mochi is a screenless game that teaches beginner-level coding to children ages 3-6. Students learn about queues, sequences, algorithmic thinking, and pattern recognition without any complicated software or excessive screen time. Mochi promotes hands-on activities that allow children to learn by doing. To use Mochi, simply follow the instructions in the manual and get coding by using the Set of coding blocks and the Mochi robot.

Code & Go Robot Mouse

Code & Go Robot Mouse is a programmable robot mouse that comes with a set of double-sided coding cards. Children use the coding cards to create sequences of commands that tell the robot mouse what to do. The robot mouse can then execute these commands and perform actions such as moving forward, turning, and making sounds. Code & Go Robot Mouse is an enthralling STEM toy to teach preschoolers about coding.

Sphero Indi

Sphero Indi is a screenless coding robot with a car-like model and a set of colorful silicone mats. Children create tracks out of silicone mats for the robot to follow. These mats can be remodeled into different shapes, adding challenge and replayability to the game. The game offers a Sphero Indi app with a self-explanatory drag-and-drop function to input sequences of commands by our 5-year-old coders.

Learning Resources Coding Crew

Learning Resources Coding Crew is yet another screenless STEM toy that assists preschoolers. It comes with a robot vehicle and a set of 46 interactive town play pieces. Children use the play pieces to create obstacles for the robot to avoid. They can then use the Coding Crew app to curate sequences of commands that instruct the robot to avoid obstacles. Learning Resources Coding Crew is a simple and engaging way to teach children about coding and problem-solving.

Osmo Coding Jam

Osmo Coding Jam is a melodious coding game where children embark on a musical journey, creating their own unique rhythms by arranging the coding blocks on the Osmo base. As students experiment with different combinations of blocks, they discover the cause-and-effect relationships between their actions and the resulting music. This activity encourages experimentation and self-expression through music composition.

The diverse range of STEM toys mentioned in this Blog, from the Matatalab Coding Robot to the Osmo Coding Jam, exemplifies screenless coding tools’ versatility and educational value. As educators and parents seek engaging methods to introduce children to the exciting world of STEM, these screenless coding STEM toy sets stand out as an effective and enriching solution.

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