Fostering Young Minds with Practical Technical Education

The Unimat ML Design & Technology kit, carefully curated by Cool Tool Education, prioritizes children’s safety in its design. Its robust construction ensures durability, making it ideal for rigorous use in settings like science centers and hands-on museums. The brand recognizes the significant value of technical education for students and has thoughtfully prepared a comprehensive lesson plan and kit to facilitate learning.

Technical education is pivotal in equipping students with practical skills and knowledge pertinent to our modern world. Moreover, it serves as a catalyst for nurturing problem-solving acumen and fostering critical thinking. Technical education empowers students to scrutinize and effectively resolve real-world challenges, stimulating innovation and creativity.

This hands-on pedagogical approach immerses students in directly applying their knowledge, making the learning experience highly motivating and engaging.


The jigsaw in the Unimat ML kit has a short blade stroke. This means it’s safe for young carpenters because it won’t hurt their fingers. It also has a precise metal guide with a sanded steel part that helps the saw blades stay on track. This feature enables clean and professional cuts in materials like plywood, solid wood (up to 7mm thick), balsa (up to 20mm thick), plastics, and soft metal sheets. One of the great features of the jigsaw in technical education is that there’s no need to hassle with opening and clamping the blade. You can even use two different blade dimensions for added versatility.

Wood Lathe

The wood lathe that comes with the kit has a distance between centers of 140mm and can handle workpieces with a diameter of up to 50mm. This Tool is handy for making detailed and fancy designs on wood. It works by spinning the wood quickly while using a cutting tool. People often use it to make bowls and spindles out of wood for technical education projects.

Lathe Chuck

The 3-jaw chuck is a handy device that completes the kit. This Tool helps you hold round materials firmly. It’s convenient when you want to make things like salt and pepper shakers or egg cups, which often have rounded shapes.

Hand-held sander or a stationary sander

Hand-held and stationary sanders are handy tools for improving the look of wood and materials in your hobby projects. Hand-held sanders are like little helpers you can move around for detailed work. Pick the proper sandpaper, secure your material, and glide the sander with the grain for a smoother surface. On the other hand, stationary sanders are for more significant projects that need a consistent touch. Adjust their surface, switch them on, and gently move your material for a nice, even finish. Remember to gear up for safety and read those instructions for a well-done job!

Hand-held drilling machine

A kids’ hand-held drilling machine is a fantastic way to teach vocational skills through hands-on projects. Safety is paramount, stressing the need for safety gear and ventilation. Under supervision, kids can begin by drilling in soft materials like wood, learning to handle the Tool carefully. As they gain confidence, they can tackle other projects to showcase their technical education skills by fostering creativity. Introduce precise measurements and diverse materials as complexity grows to expand their vocational skills and tool versatility understanding.

Here are some technical specifications of the Unimat ML kit:

  • Motor: 20,000 rpm, 12V DC
  • Slides: 1 long support with 145mm of travel
  • Tailstock: Comes with a rotating center
  • Wood lathe distance between centers: 140mm
  • Wood lathe workpiece diameter: Up to 50mm
  • Power adapter: 110-240V 50/60Hz, 12V, 2A

The kit neatly arranges all its components inside storage boxes. Furthermore, it provides well-documented projects with lesson plans, serving as convenient teaching aids for facilitators as reference materials while instructing students about various tools and techniques for their woodworking project.

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