Excited to Become a Travel Agent & Plan an Itinerary? Use the TourismLesson Plan from TechnoKids to Curate an End-to-End Travel Pitch

‘The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’. Undoubtedly, the travel industry is evolving at a rapid pace, especially with the growing number of travel bloggers and the work-from-anywhere policy, post Covid-19 phase. Tourism is an interesting segment to work in, if you are inclined towards fulfilling the dreams of enthusiasts who wish to explore the world and gain new perspectives.

What does a Travel Agent actually do for a living?

A travel agent is an expert who arranges travel packages for individuals or families who wish to get some assistance in figuring out the pre-vacation to-dos.

Professional agents are trained to make booking arrangements, create customized itinerates, coordinate with tour guides, assist in travel insurance, and even provide guidance on the currency exchange process. They have to have the right networking contacts and sources to get the best of your package deal.

Basically, as we can see, a travel agent has to be responsible enough to make plans work and be approachable to smoothen out any hiccups that might take place during or before the journey.

TechnoTravel Module by TechnoKids

Who says studies need to be boring? Integrating computer science lessons with Geography, English, and Math is such a worthy concept that intrigues learners to actually look forward to attending classes and doing homework.

With the STEM curriculum in full flair within the UAE and other regions, the emphasis on teaching kids technology is growing stronger. The sooner kids find computer studies meaningful & fun, the more likely it is for them to advance to concepts like coding & robotics, which are in demand today.

Via TechnoTravel project work, students will be asked to promote a weekend gateway and construct a compelling campaign that needs to be presented before the class.

Middle School students adorn the role of a travel agent and can even be asked to dress casually for the role-play activity. A series of tasks are assigned to them which include;

Researching on a destination:

First things first, you cannot plan a travel booking without having thoroughly researched the vacation location. Students are encouraged to Google and find facts or pick up a relevant book about that region or country of the visit to get all up-to-date details which can be shared with the client. Your research should usually include the following.

  • Tourist attractions and places of visit
  • Latest hotels and their ratings
  • The best mode of transport available as per the budget
  • Extra charges that one would have to pay to buy an on-spot entry ticket.
  • Any special permissions required and the visiting hour restrictions.
  • The climatic conditions at the time of the visit and the appropriate clothes to carry

All the findings can be presented in a tabular format on MS Word or MS Excel and sent to the client by email, such that there is no chance of miscommunication. This ‘step one’ is crucial to culminate research skills and of course, organizing it on the appropriate document.

Making an Advertisement:

Now that the gist is clear, students go a step further by advertising the weekend destination. Some key features to display in the advertisement to promote and sell the package include the following.

  • Superb panoramic shots that speak about the place and its culture (for example; Burj Khalifa – if you are assigned Dubai as the travel destination) • Attractive taglines that command a second glance
  • Pointers about the unique experiences that tourists can expect
  • An average cost for the tour (individual or group)
  • Early bird discounts that customers can avail..etc.

Step two, brings out the creativity of our ‘to-be’ young travel agents, as they think out of the box and compile brochures, pamphlets, and videos, using some designing tools or even PowerPoint & Paint applications.

Present the Itinerary:

This is the most fun exercise where the role-play starts, and our mini agents have to convince their fellow classmates who act as clients – to sell the holiday package. Writing a convincing Sales Pitch is what will help to pass through this phase. The PowerPoint presentation should have all the details about the day-to-day things to do, the different starred hotels offered in the package, what adventure activities are covered, the airlines that tourists will board, etc. If there are any questions, the agent should be ready with answers and display confidence at all times. So, as we just saw, the TechnoTravel module brings a welcoming change to the classroom environment and children have a lot of fun while learning. TechnoKids is therefore famously recommended by parents and educators from UAE and other GCC regions. Are you gearing up to be a Travel Agent already?

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