AI To Enhance the Education Landscape

AI or Artificial Intelligence is enabling machines to be more human-like. Essentially, the computer machine or Bot is now becoming smarter and more intelligent. AI Engineers use tools and techniques to program the device in a way such that it is able to develop reasoning skills, decode meaningful inferences, and make lesser mistakes by analyzing what went wrong in the past.

As AI is being put to good use in every sector, people are starting to have greater confidence in its ability to help solve problems. Even in the education sector AI is being integrated, along with Learning Management System (LMS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to upgrade the loopholes, if any, and provide a more fulfilling experience to teachers & students.

With the advent of AI in Education, the following is now possible;

Introducing New Gadgets in Classrooms:

In the 90s, kids were not even allowed to carry a mobile phone in their schools and colleges and had to take down notes dictated by the teacher in a notebook.

Well, time flies really fast and as of today, every class is endowed with a smart board, tabs, and laptops, apart from other EdTech gadgets. Apple recently had a big launch of its ‘Apple Glasses’ powered by AI and AR (Augmented Reality) technology. These glasses provide learners with an immersive experience by giving them an almost real-life adventure through 3D visual aids. A student from Dubai can visit the Seven Wonders of the World without actually traveling to far-away destinations. So much so, that even science experiments can be conducted and learnt in a safe environment, by using AR glasses.

Other cool AI-influenced gadgets found in today’s IB schools across the Middle East include: intelligent robots, virtual catboats, and 3D printers, to name a few.

Have you heard about Matatalab’s latest arrival – the ‘VinciBot’ Coding Robot set? This little toy buddy fascinates children of 8+ years in schools across the UAE and other regions. It features rich technology and enables our young programmers to learn Python to prepare for future inter-school competitions. VinciBot is widely in sync with the STEAM curriculum, propagating the widespread reach of coding, AI in education, and robotics.

Cleaver Content Strategy:

Wondering why schools need to have a content strategy in place? That’s because our Gen-Zs won’t settle for anything less. They want to be actively involved in the teaching-learning process and demand innovative teaching aids to make the classroom sessions interesting. Thanks to AI, educators have access to multi-model approaches to teaching as per the preferences of the student. For example; a child who is more of a visual learner will be offered to study from videos and presentations, while the other student who is an auditory learner may be presented with an audio book to grasp the same concept.

AI-backed educative games are trending in GCC regions. The student is given the liberty to complete their homework assignments by participating in educative games and advancing gradually from one level to the other while mastering concepts. The multi-sensory activities help retain information and motivate students to look forward to studying because it’s so thrilling to destroy aliens by solving a Math puzzle and practice phonetics by helping Sarah find her way out of the Maze.

Superior Grading and Feedback Mechanism:

AI can automate grading and make the process hassle-free for teachers. The worksheets or test papers that have the MCQ section are auto-corrected using AI pattern recognition algorithms, thereby freeing up time for educators to focus on more important aspects. Even for long answers, the Bot crawls through paragraphs and highlights spelling errors & grammatical mistakes, to reveal the child’s level of proficiency. One can even analyze trends and find patterns to draw conclusions towards the following: which subject the student is lagging in, get advice on concepts that need more practice, adapt to the learning pace that is most advantageous for the class, etc.

Therefore, we can conclude that AI has the upper hand to benefit the education sector, but the main hero remains our dear ‘teachers’. AI is simply a means to provide navigation, while the captain of the ship is our teacher.

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