Enhancing Customer Experience with Robocalls

“Hello Mr. Arif, we are happy to partner with you. Hope you are satisfied with our services. If there is anything that I, your Robot Buddy Ms. Farah can do, then feel free to ask me. Have a great day.”

This is an example of how brands are leveraging on auto-calls made by a Robot to an existing or new customer. The system is fed with prerecorded messages and the bot browses through a vast database to find the exact contact number to whom the telephonic call needs to be made.

Essentially, the telemarketing industry is undergoing a rapid shift and human tele-callers are being replaced by active robot calls. This works wonderfully when the population is huge and timelines are tight. For example; making reminder calls to over a lakh of visitors who have signed up for the Dubai Expo exhibition! Imagine how much time, effort, and resources would have to be dedicated to performing this task!

Robot calls are inexpensive, and the chances of errors are minimal or nearly close to zero. Thus, various players in the Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Customer (B2C) segments are advocating the quick & safe usage of Robot Calls to stay in touch with their stakeholders. Unless this type of Customer Relationship strategy is used for a cause and is purpose-driven, the activities can be carried out legitimately.

However, we can’t discard the fact that out of 20 calls a day, 5 may be fake ones to trouble people deliberately or have some unfair agenda. The rate of telemarketing scams is increasing across countries, including the Middle East region. These fraudulent calls need to be reported to authorities, but unfortunately, most receivers don’t have the time to do so and hence the hoax call bubble is difficult to burst. Let us leave this discussion aside for now!

Through this Blog, we aim to highlight some of the most common Robot Call campaigns that companies undertake and use for the advantage of brand promotion and the satisfaction of end users


Telemarketing Calls: Who doesn’t know this scheme? Almost every now and then we answer a call that promotes the sale of a product or service. From automobile companies conveying their launch of a new car to the real estate sector trying to sell us homes, the variety of content is vast. Even banks and financial institutions want to sell their loans and credit cards to individuals, via the auto-call feature. The robot delivers the prerecorded message to the customer and makes the sales pitch on behalf of an executive.

Loyalty Campaign: Existing priority bank customers or holiday program VIP members deserve special treatment via loyalty programs. These calls give personalized messages to the receiver, though it is conveyed by a robot. Let us take for example, the Royal Enfield premium club in the UAE is hosting a special dinner night for all its loyal customers and the invite is particularly conveyed via the tele robot. Another example; is that your credit card is rewarding you for crossing the monthly spending limit and is therefore crediting points to your account. All such value-added information is sorted thanks to the advent of technology!

Awareness Generation: The Government or authorities of GCC and other regions, may want to summon their citizens to participate in various campaigns that have a strong social or environmental agenda. Saving water, installing solar panels in your household, carpooling, growing more trees, taking vaccinations on time, etc. are some examples of messages that the public Health & Wellness and Environmental departments may want to convey to the public at large. For such reasons, important notification calls are typically automated, to reach every citizen and expat population.

We know that coding is driving the future today and AI is accepted as the way forward. It would be totally worthwhile for our 21st-generation kids to embrace technology early on so that they can start developing critical thinking abilities through their coding journey. Learning programming language brings forth chances for developing new Robotic technologies, such as Robocalls and Chatbots, for the interest and prosperity of the human race. Robotify is staunchly propagating Robotics in the education sector to excite kids about virtual coding. Robotify offers a best-in-class, 3D browser-based robotics simulator to teach coding in Blockly or Python to anyone who is interested in learning, even in the remote interiors of the suburbs, simply by having access to WiFi and a laptop. Just as swimming is considered as a life skill, coding too is well on-par.

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