Video Advertising is the Future of Digital Marketing

While streaming a YouTube video there is a point where the viewer is supposed to be patient and allow the Advertisement to feature, until one can resume watching again. These online video Ads are dominating the digital space, be it in-app ads, social media ads, or Google ads. The consumption of visual content is increasing and according to statistics 85% of people want to access video content, be it for education or entertainment purposes. Keeping in mind the growing preferences, marketers are drawn towards producing stories in video format in lieu of assuming 52% of video content consumption is further shared, thereby increasing brand reach and accessibility. To delve deeper into this topic, continue reading through the pointers enlisted below, before you plan your next big Video Marketing Campaign!

Allow for Creativity to Flow

A one-liner message on a flyer vs. a short video commercial, which option sounds exciting to you? The answer is very apparent, video Ads are always the winner. The scope for storytelling to convey the USPs of a product/service gives marketers an opportunity to create meaningful narratives that captures the interest of viewers and gets them excited to learn further. When people feel emotionally connected, there is a greater chance of recalling the advertisement and perhaps even considering making a purchase decision. There are so many new online tools and software that support professional video editors and motion filmmakers which cuts down the time of conceptualization & execution considerably, thereby giving the opportunity to produce more videos in a shorter duration. The use of VFX (Visual effects), AR (Augmented Reality), and 360-degree video creation gives the users an immersive experience and creates an impression that induces impact. Playing around with fonts, animations, and sound, is so much fun & rewarding.

Widespread Reach

The chances of video content going viral are potentially greater, as we already pointed out that most online netizens prefer content that can easily be streamed. Did you know that YouTube is the most popular (second-largest) search engine in the world and has a widespread reach in UAE across the Middle East? Around 2 billion users are active on YouTube from around the globe, because it is extremely mobile-friendly and people can watch videos while traveling around GCC regions, while multi-tasking at work, or even before bedtime. Such versatility is rare to adopt with TV commercials, billboard Ads, or other traditional forms of marketing. Another interesting fact we would like to draw your attention to is that Facebook users spend 100 million hours watching videos each day. So, if you want to be seen, heard, and recognized, it is a must, to capitalize on video curation.

SEO Friendliness

Although many marketers have started exploring the video format, they are unaware of the importance of SEO that videos can bring in. Marketing managers are often invested only in producing blogs, articles, email newsletters, and WhatsApp content, to score higher on their SEO ranking, forgetting the importance of video Ads. The reason for this maybe that it seems expensive to invest in Video Content. However; that is simply not the case anymore. Even a collegian can create videos within 20 minutes to an hour, without having prior experience, with the help of numerous video-making tools. To make videos SEO-ready, the appropriate keywords, and phrases are to be used, such that when Google crawls through the pages, your video shows up on the first few pages. Even the thumbnail must be carefully chosen by the creative person because as we know it, the first impression is the last one! Incorporating a click-button on the video makes all the difference, to increase CTC and help users navigate to the landing page.

Now that we know why Video content is so important in today’s day and age, wouldn’t it be wise to introduce our school-going children to some techniques of video making, such that it helps them in the future?

Educators and parents in UAE trust TechnoKids, a platform that offers Digital Literacy to K-12 schools, based on STEM curriculum. It is a well-structured tool offering computer training modules to children of different grades, primary, junior, intermediate, and senior, as follows. The upcoming TechnoAd lesson plan is a part of the ‘senior student’ curriculum and familiarized learners with animation and video production. Thereafter, students are expected to complete the project task of creating a real-life video commercial on which they would be evaluated.

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