How Worksheets Play A Vital Part in Learning

Worksheets are valuable teaching aids that benefit students across different grades. Schools and tutoring classes assign worksheets to students at regular intervals, often immediately after a particular concept is taught, such that they get a chance to put their knowledge to test. Attempting a worksheet provides clarity to teachers on whether learners are on-par with the rest of the class and if otherwise, then, provide extra attention to those who are struggling with studies.

Different Kinds of Worksheets

There is no thumb-rule as to the kind of worksheet that works best for students. It really depends on the grade of the child and the complexity of the subject matter. There are worksheets that are available online and Mathseeds is one such platform that allows teachers to print readymade worksheets for the benefit of the class. If you don’t wish to opt for the pre-designed worksheets, you may choose to prepare one yourself on MS Word.

Labelling Worksheets

Surprisingly, a labeling worksheet is multi-faceted, and not only do kids enjoy labeling, but even senior class students find it handy to remember things like; different parts of the heart & the brain, and also labeling different components of a male and female flower. This kind of worksheet is usually used for Science subjects, and even for Geography. For example; identifying major cities in the Middle East on the region’s political map, or labeling the locations of the Seven Wonders of the World on the Atlas, is part of the deal. When children attempt to label objects their visual memory is used optimally and recalling important information becomes easier.

Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQ) Worksheet:

MCQ or multiple choice questions are fun and seem more like playing a game of quiz. Worksheets that are dedicated to MCQs can judge the student’s confidence and learning capabilities by throwing tricky options that are tough to tell which one’s right from the other. Sometimes, MCQs are more strenuous than essay-type questions, as the likelihood of guesswork doesn’t apply here and there is only one right answer that can earn you marks. MCQ worksheets are suitable for all subjects be it; Math, Science, Social Studies, and even Language. With the advent of digital teaching aids in K-12 schools across Dubai and other parts of the UAE, MCQ worksheets are designed online and children are asked to finish the test by attempting to answer questions from their tabs or laptops, rather than the pen-and-paper format.

Logic Worksheets:

Brain teasers help stimulate the child’s cognition and make them think differently. Problem-solving techniques are not learned from a textbook, but such activities as brain teasers allow children to think out of the box. The deeper you think, the more profound you become. This method also enhances the concentration capacity of students and they start to become more sincere with time. Parents in GCC regions motivate children to sign-up for after-class sessions where ‘an hour’ is dedicated to teaching children logical reasoning. The worksheets may comprise; crossword puzzles, Sudoku, sequential sorting, word riddles, matching & correspondence, probability, and many other interesting activities.

Motor Skills Worksheets:

When children learn to practice their tripod grip they need lots of patience and concentration. To upskill your little toddlers, introduce them to worksheets that have different line-forming patterns. In the beginning, one can start simple with straight line formation, and as they start getting the hang of it, give them the confidence to form zigzag lines and curvatures. Simple exercises such as these come under the pre-writing phase of learning development. Thereafter, writing letters both capital and small on paper become easier, and transitioning to the red and blue book seems no big a deal!

To conclude the blog, we would like to enforce the importance of Worksheets as a teaching aid to students and highlight the numerous benefits that are derived from them. Worksheets train students to become active learners, reinforce concepts, gain confidence, become more apt with time management skills, and develop active independence.

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