Few Tips for Kids to Prepare for a Competitive Math Exams, such as the Olympiad.

Olympiads are exams that allow students from all over the world to compete with each other on a similar instructive level. These exams provide an absolute judgement in the subjects of Math’s, Science, Computer skills and English and analyse their competency as compared to national or international students. Students are motivated toward academic competency as they are judged according to their logical thinking and scientific reasoning. Students from not only the Middle East but all over the world prepare for these competitive exams which identify unique talent and help prepare the students for many difficult competitive exams. As they aspire to become doctors and engineers, these exams groom them for the many exams and courses they will need to undertake in their journey.

In the UAE, these exams are conducted at two levels, one after the other. They measure the proficiency of students in mathematics and reflect their strengths and weaknesses. Studying for the Olympiads requires working smart as well as working hard, therefore while you have to practice each topic numerous times and persevere, there are also some tried and tested tips that one can follow while preparing for the math’s Olympiad. Let us list some of them below:

Knowing the syllabus will help you prepare a schedule and eliminate studying irrelevant topics. Make a complete list of the topics beginning with the most important ones to the least important, that will give you a gist and lesson plan of what to begin with. In Dubai, the Olympiad’s syllabus is aligned with the school curriculum which makes it convenient for the student to study the topic along with the teacher who does it in school. The only difference being a more in-depth analysis of the topic and core concepts is to be done for the Olympiads. Preparing notes for each chapter and topic will be useful to refer to at the time of revision.

The Olympiads are not your run-of-the-mill exams or tests as in school so your approach to each topic would have to be more in-depth and critical. Practical and theoretical applications of the topics and gaining deeper insights will be of immense help. Solving papers and worksheets from previous years will help you get a better understanding of what to expect when it comes to how the questions are framed. Usually for grades 5 to 12, there are 50 multiple-choice questions to be solved within the hour. Time is of the essence here and so not poring over one question for too long is key. You must begin preparations for these exams well in advance so that you have adequate practice and time for improvement.

Effective study preparation involves making a timetable and following it. Put up a copy of your study schedule and list of topics side-by-side on the wall in front of you so that you may refer to it. Doing so will keep you on track, motivated and organized. Having a clear vision for all tasks makes a significant impact on the approach to your studies. It is alright to fall behind sometimes but the faster you manage to get back on track, the better your preparation will be.

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