How Can Students Productively Utilize Their Summer Breaks

Kids look forward to Summer Breaks and are happy not having to go to school for an entire month. Initially doing nothing and just relaxing at home seems interesting, however as days pass by boredom sets in. Our restless children suddenly have nothing to look forward to and may become lazy or cranky due to lack of activity and stimulation. As a parent, you need to find ways to keep your little ones busy, even during the slack period of the Summer Vacation. But how do you pick an activity that would be of interest to your middle-aged growing kid? Read through the Blog, to find out more.

Firstly, let us read some pointers about why Summer Breaks are beneficial to kids.

  • An excellent opportunity to spend time with friends and family members.
  • Unwind and de-stress from the mundane tasks of studies.
  • Good time to travel and explore different cultures, places, and food.
  • Identify and develop a hobby that might turn into a passion later.
  • Up-skill by signing-up for an internship or volunteering for a social service project.

Here are a few ideas to spend Summer Break Productively:

#1 Enroll for a Sports Camp

During normal hectic school days, there is hardly any time for children to catch up on their physical activity. So, the best time to do so, is during the breaks. A sports camp is perfect to get the heartbeat pumping, make new friends, and learn a bit of discipline. The best part is that students get to try our different kinds of sports activities such as; horse riding, football, swimming, and even golf. Learning a new sport each week seems like an exciting agenda! Expert coaches guide and train students to come out of their comfort zone and develop confidence, which is the key to any skilled athlete. A healthy go-getter spirit on the cricket pitch will translate into inculcating a habit of healthy competition even in the classroom, later on. Check out local sports camps in your neighborhood across Dubai.

#2 Hobby Classes

There are umpteen number of hobby classes that run special programs during vacations. Check with your kid what he or she is inclined towards perusing and then find a local hobby class in your vicinity. Creativity can be discovered and children get to expel their energies in a positive fashion by joining an art class, learning to play an instrument, trying their hands at cooking or baking, and even gearing up to dance to the tunes of salsa. Other options include; photography, jewelry designing, coding class for the nerds, and acting or drama lessons. Hobbies are a man’s best friend and a guaranteed stress-buster.

#3 Go on a Vacation

Wondering what’s so productive being on a vacation? Well, as they say, ‘To travel is to take a journey into yourself.’ This basically means to figure out yourself and your purpose in life, it is important to travel and explore the world. When you travel from the UAE to a vacation spot in Bali, you are opening up doors to so much information, that you wouldn’t find in the school textbooks. Knowing people, interacting with them, eating different food, snorkeling with sea creatures, and trekking on mountain tops, invigorates the soul and makes children even stronger emotionally. Investing time in traversing the globe, is the best gift you could offer your children. Coming back to school and telling stories from your vacation is such a proud moment for most preschoolers in GCC regions.

#4 Extend a Helping Hand

Foreign Universities give brownie points to students who have gone beyond their call of duty and been an indispensable part of society. Well, there are numerous NGOs in the Middle East to help underprivileged children or even elderly people who have no families. Singing up to volunteer there is a noble act and quite gratifying in the end. Setting the right values at a young age, means you are raising children to be helpful members of society, instead of just focusing on money and personal career growth. Words like empathy, sympathy, donation, and brotherhood, teach us to become a little more sensitive to others, especially in this busy digital age that we live in.

#5 Up-skill While You at It

We are not necessarily implying ‘studying’ during a summer break, but more like a brain-stimulating activity that helps children go beyond what is taught in the classroom and have fun while researching more on topics of Math or Science. Mathletics, as a platform works wonders for kids who wish to increase their MQ (Math Quotient) and delve deeper into the subject. Learning Spanish or French in an Arab-speaking region is a good welcoming change, and eventually makes our children smarter by keeping the brain agile. Reading books that you couldn’t find time for during the school schedule, is also another activity to consider during the summer break.

So what are you waiting for? The summer break is just around the corner and there’s plenty to do. Your body, mind, and soul will thank you for spending these days-off well before you get back onto the old routine.  

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